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5 Tips to Improve Your Medical Practice’s Online Presence

Posted by Bret Larsen, Jul 7, 2015
In this day and age, your medical practice needs an online presence to get found. As an expert digital marketer, I know this well. Showing up in a potential patient’s search results gives you a huge advantage over other doctors in the area. And in today’s world, about one in five patients search for a doctor or hospital online....
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3 Ideas Your Practice Should Steal from Southwest

Posted by Bret Larsen, Jun 9, 2015
It's the phrase every physician has heard 10,000 times: "patient satisfaction." The industry is all about it. Many practices pour countless resources into improving it. But raising patient satisfaction is often an elusive goal, and not always the best primary focus for improving your medical practice....
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5 Simple Tricks to Grow Your Patient Population

Posted by Bret Larsen, May 14, 2015
Are you struggling to grow your patient population? Don’t worry. If I’ve learned anything from my experience in digital marketing, it’s that there are plenty of creative, simple tricks to boost your exposure. You just need to prioritize the right strategies....
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What it Means to Be a Physician-first Company

Posted by Bret Larsen, Apr 21, 2015
Many people don’t know that Glen McCracken (one of our co-founders) and I were in the telemedicine business before eVisit. Before we set-out to start eVisit, we worked for another telemedicine start-up that followed the typical model: a patient-directed solution that allowed people to get medical help from qualified, but unfamiliar doctors online....
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7 Practice Marketing Tricks Primary Care Can Steal From Dentists

Posted by Bret Larsen, Feb 27, 2015
Dentists are known for successful practice marketing campaigns that bring in new patients, and keep current patients coming in consistently. They’ve got their patients trained to come in every 6 months. As an expert marketer, dentists are often my example that medical practices can and should have a marketing program....
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8 Practice Marketing Tactics to Boost Revenue

Posted by Bret Larsen, Jan 26, 2015
Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap in the healthcare space. It’s either too outrageous and reckless or too boring and watered down. At its worst, it’s been called the liar’s game—the slimy sales pitch of manipulation and tall tales....
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Improving Patient Engagement in Healthcare

Posted by Bret Larsen, Dec 16, 2014
As you know, each patient is unique and there's no one-size-fits-all formula for driving engagement. However, figuring out what motivates your patients is a good place to start. We live in a time where patient engagement can be directly linked to morbidity. Getting patients to change their behavior and participate in the management of their own health isn't just important; it can be a matter of life and death. [1]...
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Three Tips For Encouraging Patients to Follow Up

Posted by Bret Larsen, Dec 5, 2014
As a busy physician, there’s nothing more stressful or frustrating than patients who miss appointments.  If your practice is anything like the average, it’s not uncommon to experience no-show rates between 5 and 10 percent.  The consequences can go beyond the impact on a patient’s health: patient no-shows can cost up to $150,000 a year in lost revenue....
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Adopting Telemedicine: 7 Reasons Why

Posted by Bret Larsen, Nov 6, 2014
1. It facilitates urgent patient requests. Patients are able to get almost immediate attention wherever they are since telemedicine isn’t bound by geography. Patients can easily access their doctors via email or a mobile app, allowing for faster response times and immediate information delivery....
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing An EHR

Posted by Bret Larsen, Nov 4, 2014
Physician Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption has skyrocketed in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 9% of hospitals adopted EHRs in 2008 and now more than 80% have demonstrated meaningful use of EHRs today....
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