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Dr. Glen McCracken

Dr. Glen McCracken is President of eVisit and a practicing ER physician with over 20 years of experience. You can connect with Glen on Linkedin.
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Recent Posts

Why the Doctor-Patient Relationship Can Make or Break Telemedicine

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Aug 27, 2015
Telemedicine might take place on computer screens, but it doesn't have to be impersonal....
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9 Myths of Telemedicine

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Aug 5, 2015
As a physician with 20 years experience in an emergency room, I know the meaning of "overwhelmed." It's easy to feel like you're in over your head when you're facing a never-ending stream of patients with medical problems small and large....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, cost, implementation, malpractice, mHealth, Patient Engagement, revenue, ROI, telehealth, Telemedicine, telemedicine implementation, telemedicine myths

Why Doctors Need Better EHRs

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Jul 29, 2015
If your provider experience is anything like mine, chances are you loathe the phrase “electronic health records.” Physicians are not always early adopters for new technology. But we are certainly open to new advancements that can streamline our workflows and make our workdays more manageable....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, compliance, digital health, EHR, ehr integration, electronic health record, employee satisfaction, emr, health tech, healthit, mHealth, physician burnout, Practice Management

Why Orthopedic Surgeons Can’t Resist Telemedicine

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Jun 24, 2015
When we first started eVisit, one of the first specialists who approached us was an orthopedic surgeon....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, orthopedics, surgeons, Telemedicine

Will the “Doc Fix” be the Lasting Solution Physicians Wanted?

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, May 13, 2015
Signed, sealed, delivered—the “doc fix” is a go. The $200 billion Medicare reform bill was signed into law by President Obama last month after passing through Congress by a landslide. In a statement, Obama called the bill “a milestone for physicians, and for the seniors and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare for their health care needs.”...
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, doc fix, healthcare reform, Medicare, opinion, physician compensation, SGR

10 Ways to Get Patients on Patient Portals

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Apr 22, 2015
Believe it or not, setting up and training for your patient portal isn't the most difficult part of using the technology.  The hardest part of using patient portals: using them to engage patients. You may think that once your portals are set up, you can sit back, relax, and meet all the meaningful use criteria you've been aiming for, but that simply isn't so....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, emr, enrollment, meaningful use, Patient Engagement, patient portals, Practice Management

How Patient Engagement is Changing

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Mar 27, 2015
As physicians with full schedules and busy staff, we spend much of our time trying to meet patients’ needs but sometimes feel like we’re falling short. We’re competing online and in real life for the attention and compliance of our patients and we don’t always have the time or know-how to help increase their engagement. It can sometimes feel like we are up against a wall without any good solutions....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, Patient Engagement

5 Ways Telemedicine Saves Doctors Money

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Mar 11, 2015
Who doesn’t love to save money?...
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Topics: malpractice, Practice Management, practice revenue management, Telemedicine, telemedicine saves money

How the Typical Telemedicine Model Gets it Wrong

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Feb 10, 2015
Most telemedicine companies connect patients with doctors they've never met before.  While this is one way to provide more accessible healthcare, it's not the best path to sustainable, high-quality care....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, patient-doctor relationship, physician empathy, Telemedicine

Will telemedicine take off in 2015? A response to Chirag Patel.

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Jan 8, 2015
It’s no surprise that our eVisit team is excited about telemedicine. We think telemedicine has the potential to transform the health care model to both patients’ and providers’ benefits. But telemedicine is also a technology ahead of the curve. It’s only natural that in 2015, the healthcare industry is still adapting to make room....
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Topics: 2015, eVisit Blog Posts, Chirag Patel, doctor-patient relationship, Highnote Foundry, telehealth reimbursement, Telemedicine, Venturebeat

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