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Dr. Steven M. Fass, M.D., FACS

Dr. Steven Fass is a board-certified general surgeon based in Austin, Texas. Dr. Fass specializes in minimally invasive surgery techniques and is a pioneer in the gastric Lap Band® banding surgery. When not working, Dr. Fass enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and travel.
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5 Tips For Talking To Patients Before Weight Loss Surgery

Educating patients before surgery can lead to a strong doctor-patient relationship, as well as encourage patients who are unsure about their chosen procedure. When talking with a prospective surgical candidate, weight loss surgeons and staff can use these five tips to help ease patients' worries and reinforce their understanding....
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Top Weight-Loss Apps for Your Patients

Weight loss journeys are different for every patient. Those who struggle with one thing may not face the same struggles as others. As physicians, how do we best guide patients through this process?...
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