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Teresa Iafolla

Teresa Iafolla is an expert writer, researcher, and content wrangler who has previously worked as director of content marketing for a telehealth company and associate editor for a healthcare publishing company.

Recent Posts

Infographic: How to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 22, 2017
The amount of time patients spend waiting in your office may seem like a small factor when it comes to patient satisfaction. But it can actually have a huge effect. A recent Software Advice survey found a staggering 97% of patients were frustrated by wait times. Patients often use online review sites to gauge average wait times before selecting a new doctor. And perhaps most surprising, 41% of patient are willing to see another doctor to reduce their wait time. That means your wait times could be costing you patients....
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8 Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 11, 2017
Are you struggling to get patients into exam rooms on time? Do you find yourself twiddling thumbs waiting for patients to arrive, only to miss your lunch or leave late when the schedule gets backed-up? We have a few simple ways that’ll help you stay on schedule and reduce patient wait times....
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10 Online Tools Every Physician Should Be Using

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jan 3, 2017
As a busy healthcare provider, it’s important to stay organized. You probably already know that painfully well. The question is how?...
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Why Provider Success Depends On Connecting With the Patient

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 29, 2016
In the traditional sense, connecting with patients on a personal level has always been a crucial part of practicing medicine. Building trust with patients is an important part of building a relationship, knowing the patient’s history, and spotting warning signs before they turn into problems....
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Telemedicine Legal Issues You Should Know About

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 22, 2016
As a healthcare provider, you’re already intimately familiar with the legal issues of credentialing, reimbursement, malpractice insurance, and more. Dealing with these legalities is simply the cost of practicing medicine. They’re in place for a reason....
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6 Ways to Improve Your Medical Practice Profitability

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 12, 2016
As the end of the year approaches, you might have medical practice profitability on your mind. With the dramatic increase in administrative burden in recent years, staying profitable can be a constant challenge for physicians and medical practice managers....
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6 Secrets For Marketing To Millennial Patients

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 1, 2016
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What A Telemedicine Integration Should Be

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Nov 23, 2016
If you’ve tuned in at all to healthcare technology discussions recently, you’ve probably heard the phrase “telemedicine integration"....
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The Evolution of Telemedicine In Rural Areas

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Nov 2, 2016
In today’s fast-paced digital world, the term telemedicine often summons up an image of videochat session between doctor and patient. ...
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7 Signs You Should Invest In Telemedicine

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Oct 25, 2016
Are you considering adding telemedicine to your medical practice, but aren’t sure it’s the right investment?...
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