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Teresa Iafolla

Teresa Iafolla is an expert writer, researcher, and content wrangler who has previously worked as director of content marketing for a telehealth company and associate editor for a healthcare publishing company.

Recent Posts

How to Create Your Practice BYOD Security Policy

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 16, 2015
With the continuous stream of news about cyberattacks on healthcare systems, protecting your practice's security should be top priority....
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Study: Could Medical Assistants Transform Chronic Care?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 2, 2015
Most providers in the field know and already use the strategy of employing physician extenders like PAs, and NPs, to expand their patient care. Using extenders to take care of simple, frontline primary care is a great way to provide cost-effective healthcare, and make full use of your practice staff. In that scenario, everyone is working at the top of their license, and making the most of their billable hours....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, chronic care, extenders, medical assistants, research study

eVisit® Names Top Salesman Cory Bendixen as Director of Sales

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 1, 2015
New Director of Sales Ready to Scale Telemedicine Software Company eVisit, an innovative telehealth software company, welcomes Cory Bendixen as Director of Sales. With his exceptional track record in software sales, Bendixen is ready to ramp eVisit’s sales program and strengthen the company’s position as a disruptive telehealth solution for providers....
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Topics: Director of Sales, eVisit team, Newsroom, telemedicine startup

Free Webinar: How to Become a Concierge Doctor

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 28, 2015
This webinar has already aired. Request the recording below! Considering a switch to concierge medicine? Not sure where to start or whether a concierge model is right for you? Tune in for our webinar and learn the key steps to becoming a concierge doctor....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, concierge doctor, concierge medicine, direct primary care, webinar

Free Guide: How to Create a Patient Engagement Framework

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 21, 2015
The interest in patient engagement is because of countless studies and empirical data that have confirmed what our common sense has known for years — when people are empowered and have a voice, you have better outcomes.”...
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, guide, Patient Engagement, patient engagement framework

Infographic: How Much Do Physicians Make?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 19, 2015
Physician compensation is often in flux and far from transparent. Physician salaries vary widely from state to state and even county to county. Which leads many doctors in the field to wonder - how does my salary compare to the average? How is my compensation affected by where I live?...
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, Doximity, Infographic, physician compensation, physician salary

eVisit is a Semifinalist in Spring 2015 Arizona Innovation Challenge

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 14, 2015
Telemedicine company is one of 25 semifinalists chosen for potential $250K grant eVisit, a fast-growing telehealth startup, was just announced as one of 25 semifinalists in the Spring 2015 Arizona Innovation Challenge. Chosen from a competitive pool of 138 applicants, semifinalists represent the most innovative, promising early-stage companies across Arizona, and several other states....
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Webinar: Live Demo of eVisit Telemedicine Platform

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 12, 2015
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New Study Supports Meaningful Use ePrescribe Requirement

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 8, 2015
ePrescribe has become an important part of many EHR systems, and with good reason. E-prescribing helps ensure prescriptions are legible and error-free. Some ePrescribe systems provide support for prescription decisions and trigger warnings if the selected drugs have interactions. And perhaps the simplest benefit of all: eprescriptions are more likely to actually make it to the pharmacy. Recent studies have shown that in outpatient settings, 28% of paper prescriptions never get delivered to the pharmacy. In contrast, using ePrescribe reduces that ...
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, ePrescribe, meaningful use, research

Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Medical Practices

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 6, 2015
Haven't heard of content marketing? Even if you don't recognize the term, you already know what it is. Content marketing is involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant information to get exposure and capture customers. Blogging is a form of content marketing. Newsletters and social media are too....
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