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7 Ways Telehealth Improves Revenue for Physicians

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Apr 19, 2016
Is telehealth a financially smart decision for physicians?...
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32 Fascinating Mobile Health Stats

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Apr 12, 2016
The rise of the smart phone has taken the healthcare industry in an exciting direction. Though it's a relatively new industry, mobile health companies have created  over 10,000 apps that help expand access to care, educate patients about their medical conditions, boost treatment adherence, get patients to engage with medical staff, let doctors monitor patients remotely, and so much more....
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7 Easy Steps to Create Your Medical Practice Website

Posted by Bret Larsen, Apr 11, 2016
If you’re a practicing healthcare provider and don’t have a practice website yet, the time has come: you need a website!...
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14 Creative Ways to Reduce Patient Cancellations

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Apr 7, 2016
Late cancellations and no-shows frustrate your front desk staff, your accounting team, and every member of your medical staff. Plus, they're not good for your patients. A patient no-show could mean reduce treatment adherence, or even a later unnecessary trip to the ER if they're not getting the follow-up they need when they need it. Too many late arrivals or no-shows can create bottlenecks in your appointment schedule and cause other patients to have longer wait times....
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How Does Telehealth Really Affect Hospital Readmissions?

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Apr 6, 2016
One of telehealth technology's main benefits is its use in reducing hospital readmissions. A hospital trip is a big expense, for patients and health systems, and avoiding readmission is important for health reasons as well as financial ones. Excessive readmissions can impact Medicare reimbursement rates, and that's no small penalty! In some cases, hospital readmissions are indicative of a complication that could've been treated by a follow-up with a physician. For some conditions, a second stay in a hospital exposes the patient to further infection ...
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7 Tax Tips for Physicians

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Apr 4, 2016
Have you done your taxes yet? If not, there's no time to waste!...
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6 HIPAA Questions to Ask Your Health Tech Vendor

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Apr 1, 2016
Electronic and mobile healthcare technologies have exploded in the past decade, making patient data easier to collect, analyze, and share. But they’ve also made it that much more complex for medical practices to stay secure and HIPAA-compliant....
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Will Your Patients Actually Use Telemedicine? The Stats Say Yes

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Mar 30, 2016
It makes sense to wonder, before investing in telemedicine, whether your patients will actually use it. The benefits of a patient-centered healthcare experience are clear: it's convenient, cost-saving and efficient, too. But as anyone who's worked in health IT knows, tech adoption can be sluggish. So, will patients use telemedicine? To take a little inspiration from a Magic 8 Ball, "all signs point to yes."...
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Infographic: 29 Ways To Increase Practice Revenue

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Mar 29, 2016
Are you looking for quick tips to improve your practice's financial health? Did you like our recent article on 46 tips to boost your medical practice revenue?...
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What You Should Know About Telehealth Insurance Waivers

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Mar 28, 2016
If you've reviewed some of our previous articles on how to build a telemedicine program, you might have heard us use the phrase "telehealth insurance waiver."...
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