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5 Signs Your Practice Workflow Needs Help

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Jun 11, 2015
What, exactly, does a good workflow look like?...
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3 Ideas Your Practice Should Steal from Southwest

Posted by Bret Larsen, Jun 9, 2015
It's the phrase every physician has heard 10,000 times: "patient satisfaction." The industry is all about it. Many practices pour countless resources into improving it. But raising patient satisfaction is often an elusive goal, and not always the best primary focus for improving your medical practice....
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4 Patient Education Resources Your Practice Needs

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Jun 3, 2015
Quick: what's the best patient education resource in your utility belt? Can you name an information source off the top of your head, or direct your patients to it within their patient portal? If you aren't making use of patient education resources, there's a good chance your patients don't fully understand the measures they're taking to protect their health. Studies show that patient education is crucial to promoting medicine adherence, explaining procedures, and diagnosing patients early....
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Study: Could Medical Assistants Transform Chronic Care?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 2, 2015
Most providers in the field know and already use the strategy of employing physician extenders like PAs, and NPs, to expand their patient care. Using extenders to take care of simple, frontline primary care is a great way to provide cost-effective healthcare, and make full use of your practice staff. In that scenario, everyone is working at the top of their license, and making the most of their billable hours....
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eVisit® Names Top Salesman Cory Bendixen as Director of Sales

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 1, 2015
New Director of Sales Ready to Scale Telemedicine Software Company eVisit, an innovative telehealth software company, welcomes Cory Bendixen as Director of Sales. With his exceptional track record in software sales, Bendixen is ready to ramp eVisit’s sales program and strengthen the company’s position as a disruptive telehealth solution for providers....
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Free Webinar: How to Become a Concierge Doctor

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 28, 2015
This webinar has already aired. Request the recording below! Considering a switch to concierge medicine? Not sure where to start or whether a concierge model is right for you? Tune in for our webinar and learn the key steps to becoming a concierge doctor....
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25 Healthcare Marketing Experts You Should Follow

Posted by Hattie Hayes, May 27, 2015
When you're busy running your practice, a practice marketing plan might be the last thing on your mind — or your budget. That's why we've put together this list of some of the top healthcare marketing experts to follow on Twitter. All you need to do is click follow, and voila! You'll get effortless access to a stream of free, valuable healthcare marketing resources....
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Free Guide: How to Create a Patient Engagement Framework

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 21, 2015
The interest in patient engagement is because of countless studies and empirical data that have confirmed what our common sense has known for years — when people are empowered and have a voice, you have better outcomes.”...
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Infographic: How Much Do Physicians Make?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 19, 2015
Physician compensation is often in flux and far from transparent. Physician salaries vary widely from state to state and even county to county. Which leads many doctors in the field to wonder - how does my salary compare to the average? How is my compensation affected by where I live?...
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5 Simple Tricks to Grow Your Patient Population

Posted by Bret Larsen, May 14, 2015
Are you struggling to grow your patient population? Don’t worry. If I’ve learned anything from my experience in digital marketing, it’s that there are plenty of creative, simple tricks to boost your exposure. You just need to prioritize the right strategies....
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