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8 Creative Ways to Motivate Practice Staff

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
These past couple years have been tough on medical practices. The onslaught of new technology has required extensive staff training, and completely new practice workflows. The uncertain transition to ICD-10 has thrown another huge challenge at small practices. Revenue is falling, and patient loads are increasing....
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Experts Answer: What a New Concierge Doctor Needs to Know

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
The concierge model of medicine is steadily gaining popularity among doctors. But for a model that's been getting lots of recent attention in the media and the healthcare community, concierge medicine is still widely misunderstood. It's just for rich patients. It won't help physicians get rich quick. And opening a concierge practice is far from an easy endeavor....
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Skype for Telemedicine: Is it HIPAA Compliant?

Posted by Hattie Hayes
As digital technology becomes more widely available, it seems to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. From ordering food to paying bills, anything can be done through an app, including connecting with your patients. That ability to connect easily and quickly with your patients can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re already overwhelmed by your patient load. ...
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Appointment Reminders: How to Choose the Right Vendor

Posted by Craig Calvery
These days, many practices are automating the way they remind patients about appointments and procedures. With small margins and too many patients to see, time is a precious commodity for medical practices. It’s more important than ever for each and every patient to show up for his/her appointment....
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10 Ways to Get Patients on Patient Portals

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken
Believe it or not, setting up and training for your patient portal isn't the most difficult part of using the technology.  The hardest part of using patient portals: using them to engage patients. You may think that once your portals are set up, you can sit back, relax, and meet all the meaningful use criteria you've been aiming for, but that simply isn't so....
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What it Means to Be a Physician-first Company

Posted by Bret Larsen
Many people don’t know that Glen McCracken (one of our co-founders) and I were in the telemedicine business before eVisit. Before we set-out to start eVisit, we worked for another telemedicine start-up that followed the typical model: a patient-directed solution that allowed people to get medical help from qualified, but unfamiliar doctors online....
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Why ICD-10 Training Is Critical for the Whole Practice

Posted by Lea Chatham
ICD-10 is probably the biggest change the healthcare industry has faced since the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). It affects any HIPAA-covered entity and increases the current diagnosis codes from about 14,000 to nearly 70,000....
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FAQs: How to Become a Concierge Doctor

Posted by Nathaniel Arana
My physician clients hire me as a healthcare business consultant for a various number of reasons. There is one topic, however, that I constantly get asked: How can I practice medicine without the headaches that come from insurance companies?...
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, concierge doctor, concierge medicine, direct primary care, nathaniel arana

Infographic: How to Appeal to the Connected Patient

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
Today's patient is more connected than ever before. What do we mean by that? Well, more patients expect to be able to communicate and engage with their healthcare providers online or through computers and mobile devices. Especially millennials....
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eVisit Welcomes Dr. Scott Orava as Chief Medical Officer

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
With 20 years experience as an emergency physician, Dr. Orava will direct physician-focused telehealth solutions Dr. Scott Orava, eVisit CMO...
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