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How to Check if Your Vendors are ICD-10 Ready

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
Even if your practice is all set for the transition to ICD-10 in October, you won't succeed unless your vendors are ready too....
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Why Doctors See Patients and not Consumers

Posted by Dr. Linda Girgis
Patients currently pay more out-of-pocket expenses than ever. Many foot their own health insurance premiums and pay higher deductibles. That means most patients are looking for ways to cut their costs, and shop for healthcare the same way as any other good or service. The media reports that this trend has turned patients into empowered consumers....
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eVisit Cofounder Dr. Glen McCracken Wins Top Doctor Award

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
Dr. McCracken named a Top ER Doctor of Phoenix Once Again eVisit, a startup delivering telehealth solutions for physicians, is proud to announce that Cofounder and President Dr. Glen McCracken has been named a “Top Doctor of Phoenix” for the third time, by Phoenix Magazine. The Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor awards are given out annually to only a few local doctors in each of the 52 specialties, out of the total 10,854 eligible doctors in the Phoenix area. The winning doctors were selected through a competitive, anonymous survey of their peers....
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Slideshare: 7 Apps to Improve Medication Compliance

Posted by Hattie Hayes
Our recent post on the 5 medication adherence apps was so popular, we decided to do a second edition based on top user reviews, and put together this Slideshare with screenshots from each app. If you're hoping to improve your patients' medication compliance, all of these apps are worth looking into....
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Topics: apps, eVisit Blog Posts, medication adherence, medication compliance, mHealth

Health Security: How to Defend Your Practice

Posted by Hattie Hayes
It seems like a scene from a heist movie. As unsuspecting patrons roam a Las Vegas casino, their personal information is mined and exploited by nefarious villains in a hidden room. But this scenario looks a bit different in real life....
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Webinar: The Top Reasons Physicians Don't Use Telemedicine, and Why They're Wrong

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
April 8th, 11am PT / 2pm ET In this free webinar, Dr. Glen McCracken will cover the top reasons why physicians don't use telemedicine, and why none of them hold up when you look at the facts. Not sure about telemedicine, trying to convince a skeptical colleague, or just want to learn more about the benefits of offering evisits? Then this webinar is perfect for you....
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Topics: benefits of telemedicine, eVisit Blog Posts, Telemedicine, webinar

How Patient Engagement is Changing

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken
As physicians with full schedules and busy staff, we spend much of our time trying to meet patients’ needs but sometimes feel like we’re falling short. We’re competing online and in real life for the attention and compliance of our patients and we don’t always have the time or know-how to help increase their engagement. It can sometimes feel like we are up against a wall without any good solutions....
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Top 100 Healthcare Blogs

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
Our team at eVisit is always trying to keep up with the latest healthcare news, trends, and issues that matter to physicians. Needless to say, this requires a lot of time reading and doing information gathering on the web....
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How to Increase Patient Visits without Marketing

Posted by Lea Chatham
With reimbursement declining it can be hard to justify spending extra money on practice marketing. At the same time, you need to keep those appointment slots full of patient visits to stay competitive....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, patient follow-ups, patient visits, Practice Management, practice revenue

3 Must-Attend AAOS Sessions on Digital Health

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
This year’s annual AAOS meeting is only a week away! Have you started planning out your schedule yet?...
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