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Improve Physician Empathy in 7 Simple Steps

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jan 20, 2015
Lackluster bedside manner is a common patient complaint about doctors. But what does good bedside manner really boil down to? Empathy. A great physician has rockstar clinical skills and empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another....
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11 Tips for Responding to Negative Patient Reviews Online

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jan 15, 2015
Did you just stumble upon a bad patient review online and are worried it's hurting your practice? Wondering how to respond to online patient reviews and improve your practice's reputation? Don’t worry, we’re here to help....
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Will telemedicine take off in 2015? A response to Chirag Patel.

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Jan 8, 2015
It’s no surprise that our eVisit team is excited about telemedicine. We think telemedicine has the potential to transform the health care model to both patients’ and providers’ benefits. But telemedicine is also a technology ahead of the curve. It’s only natural that in 2015, the healthcare industry is still adapting to make room....
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Top Six New Year Resolutions for Physicians

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jan 5, 2015
With the year just beginning, you're probably powering through your new year's resolutions this month. Lose a few pounds, dedicate more time to a hobby, spend more times with the kids. What about resolutions for your practice? How do you break nebulous goals like “increase my practice’s revenue” or “improve patient satisfaction and engagement” into achievable steps? We took a few of the relevant healthcare trends for 2015 and turned them into this year's top 6 new year resolutions for physicians. Stick to these and you're guaranteed to improve your ...
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Improving Patient Engagement in Healthcare

Posted by Bret Larsen, Dec 16, 2014
As you know, each patient is unique and there's no one-size-fits-all formula for driving engagement. However, figuring out what motivates your patients is a good place to start. We live in a time where patient engagement can be directly linked to morbidity. Getting patients to change their behavior and participate in the management of their own health isn't just important; it can be a matter of life and death. [1]...
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Three Tips For Encouraging Patients to Follow Up

Posted by Bret Larsen, Dec 5, 2014
As a busy physician, there’s nothing more stressful or frustrating than patients who miss appointments.  If your practice is anything like the average, it’s not uncommon to experience no-show rates between 5 and 10 percent.  The consequences can go beyond the impact on a patient’s health: patient no-shows can cost up to $150,000 a year in lost revenue....
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Adopting Telemedicine: 7 Reasons Why

Posted by Bret Larsen, Nov 6, 2014
1. It facilitates urgent patient requests. Patients are able to get almost immediate attention wherever they are since telemedicine isn’t bound by geography. Patients can easily access their doctors via email or a mobile app, allowing for faster response times and immediate information delivery....
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing An EHR

Posted by Bret Larsen, Nov 4, 2014
Physician Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption has skyrocketed in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 9% of hospitals adopted EHRs in 2008 and now more than 80% have demonstrated meaningful use of EHRs today....
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mHealth: What's Happening in Mobile Healthcare?

Posted by Bret Larsen, Nov 2, 2014
At eVisit, we spend our time at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We're interested in what's happening in mobile healthcare (mHealth) and where it's headed. Our telehealth software is built around the needs of patients and physicians and we're constantly looking for ways to develop better tools for our users. We analyze ways individuals are staying connected online and utilizing their online experience to empower their healthcare choices. Then, we look for ways to improve that experience. 78% of U.S. consumers are interested in mHealth ...
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Who Is The Digital Patient?

Posted by Bret Larsen, Oct 30, 2014
Patients are looking for their healthcare providers online, they're reading reviews, looking up symptoms, and embracing all things digital. Patients track their caloric intake, their sleep cycles, their steps, weight, BMI, all through wearable devices. They embrace mobile health (mHealth) and the technologies that make their lives simpler while increasing their quality of life. The number of adults using mobile phones for health information went from 61 million to 75 million in 2012 and the numbers are only increasing. [1] Insurance companies and ...
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