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7 Signs Your Medical Practice Website Needs Help

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Oct 6, 2016
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What Conditions Can Telehealth Be Used For?

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Oct 4, 2016
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5 Ways To Cut Operating Costs for Practice Managers

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Sep 28, 2016
Sometimes, you have to make the decision as a practice manager to tighten your belt and cut costs....
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Why We Should Use Telemedicine for Follow-Up Care

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Sep 27, 2016
When I talk to other doctors about telemedicine, I often get asked what types of medical conditions or treatments can be done via telemedicine. Some doctors aren’t sure how they would deliver care virtually. I’ve found this especially for medical professionals in very “hands-on” specialties who are used to doing physical exams....
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How To Do Telemedicine On An Affordable Budget

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Sep 22, 2016
Interested in innovating your practice with telemedicine, but not sure if you have the budget?...
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Which Billing Codes To Use for Telemedicine

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Sep 19, 2016
As we’ve previously written about, telemedicine reimbursement can take a little bit of research. In theory, all the major commercial insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid will reimburse for telemedicine. But there’s also some fine print you’ll need to navigate....
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Can't Miss Events At MedX 2016

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Sep 15, 2016
Stanford’s MedicineX Conference 2016 starts tomorrow! If you’re attending MedX this year, make sure you check out these events that touch on the most pressing issues in healthcare. Sit in on a panel discussion or roundtable, try a new skill in one of the workshops, get inspired by a 5-minute Oral Ignite! talk, and chat about the keynote speakers over dinner....
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Suspended Search: Why Google Can't Find Your Practice

Posted by Brooke Andrus, Sep 14, 2016
Gone are the days when looking for a business meant flipping through the white pages — or simply “asking around.” In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw a phone book — let alone used one. That’s because I — like most modern consumers — typically begin my search for, well, pretty much anything with a visit to the Internet’s Grand Central Station for search: Google....
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Top Health Tech for Seniors

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Sep 13, 2016
Sometimes physicians are quick to brush off seniors as potential users of health technology. But those snap judgments aren’t necessarily rooted in truth: the numbers show that senior patients want to use health tech....
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What the Rise of the Patient-Consumer Means for the Future of Telemedicine

Posted by Brooke Andrus, Sep 8, 2016
Back in the olden days — and when I say “olden days,” I mean back before the Internet was as commonplace as indoor plumbing — finding a doctor meant asking for recommendations from friends and family....
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