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5 Top Telehealth Technical FAQs for Patients

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Sep 7, 2016
A straightforward, well-designed telehealth software app can make virtual visits with your patients seem simple. And for the most part, telehealth is a new and easy way to treat your patients online....
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The Life of a Physician 2016 [Infographic]

Posted by Chase Larson, Sep 6, 2016
What exactly is it like to be a practicing physician in 2016?...
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Why You Can't Collect: The 8 Worst Patient Payment Mistakes

Posted by Brooke Andrus, Sep 1, 2016
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4 Ways To Use mHealth Without Busting Your Budget

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Aug 30, 2016
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How To Train Your Staff On Telehealth

Posted by Chase Larson, Aug 29, 2016
After going through a software update or transitioning to an EHR system at your medical practice, you probably know that staff training is crucial. No matter how great a technology solution is, it won’t help you or your patients if your staff doesn’t know how to use it....
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4 Common Telehealth Mistakes

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Aug 25, 2016
As a telehealth software company that actively consults and helps doctors get their telemedicine programs off the ground, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t....
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How To Decide Whether Or Not To Drop a Payer

Posted by Chase Larson, Aug 23, 2016
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5 Tips For Talking To Patients Before Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by Dr. Steven M. Fass, M.D., FACS, Aug 22, 2016
Educating patients before surgery can lead to a strong doctor-patient relationship, as well as encourage patients who are unsure about their chosen procedure. When talking with a prospective surgical candidate, weight loss surgeons and staff can use these five tips to help ease patients' worries and reinforce their understanding....
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6 Reasons Why Your Practice Is Losing Money

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Aug 19, 2016
Uh-oh. Things aren't all quiet on the monetary front. You're as busy as ever, but your practice revenue seems stagnant. In fact, you're losing money. What's going on?...
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Physician First: Why Healthcare Technology Should Be Provider Driven

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Aug 16, 2016
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