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Infographic: Top Healthcare Trends of 2015

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jan 28, 2015

2015 is poised to be a year of transition in healthcare. ICD-10 rolls out in October, and more healthcare providers will need to optimize EHRs to comply with Meaningful Use, stage 2 requirements. The mobile app market is exploding, and the majority of healthcare leaders are now considering telehealth services. Physicians in small, independent practices are feeling the crunch as medical consolidation rises, and doctors are unable to keep up with the patient demand for care.

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With all these shifts going on in the healthcare field, how do you know which healthcare trends to focus on? What are the top healthcare trends of 2015 that you should watch out for?

Here's our answer - this infographic is our guide to the top healthcare trends of 2015. We spent some time browsing recent reports and surveys by high-profile thought leaders in healthcare, and collected together the most surprising and compelling data.

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Top 2015 Healthcare Trends


Some Statistics to tweet.

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  • 75% of patients are comfortable seeing a NP or PA for minor injuries >Tweet this<
  • 4.5 million patients had their personal health information hacked in 2014 >Tweet this<
  • 20% of healthcare spending is on 1% of patients >Tweet this<
  • 56% of patients say they might not tell doctors everything if they think their privacy is at risk >Tweet this<
  • 47% of doctors would prescribe medication based on results from a home urinalysis device >Tweet this<
  • 90% of healthcare providers are expanding their telehealth services >Tweet this<
  • 44% of doctors are planning to cut back on time or services >Tweet this<
  • There were 10 million newly insured in 2014. That number will rise in 2015 >Tweet this<


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