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Is Your Medical Practice Hitting These Billing Benchmarks?

Posted by Hattie Hayes, May 20, 2016
Keeping track of your practice's financial health can be a struggle. The best way to track your medical practice's successes, and to assess metrics like productivity, staffing costs, and revenue growth: benchmarks! By researching industry performance standards and creating measurable goals for your practice, you can track your group's successes see how you perform compared to other practices. It's also the easiest way to identify and solve problems. If you want to protect your practice's revenues and improve financial health, consider setting ...
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How to Choose the Right Telehealth Vendor for Your Practice

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Mar 24, 2016
So, you're ready to add telehealth to your practice. But how do you choose the right telehealth solution for your practice?...
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Study Shows How Crucial Online Reputation Is for Physicians

Posted by Lea Chatham, Feb 18, 2016
There can no longer be any doubt that online reputation matters. Yet another study has revealed that patients regularly seek out online reviews of physicians. This one, conducted by Software Advice, showed that 84 percent of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians. Other studies have shown that the nearly 80 percent of patients conduct online searches before booking appointments as well....
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How to Create Your Telemedicine Billing Policy

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Feb 5, 2016
One of the key parts of ensuring your new telemedicine solution brings your practice an ROI is setting up the right telemedicine billing strategy....
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5 Telemedicine Workflow Questions You Need to Answer

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Jan 14, 2016
When you're implementing a telemedicine program, your best bet for success is to work the new technology into your existing workflow. It's a lot easier to adapt your current workflow to your health tech than to create an entirely new productivity model, or shoehorn technology into your daily processes without making small changes....
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What Should You Charge for Telemedicine Visits?

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Dec 17, 2015
If you've decided to implement telehealth into your medical practice, you know that decreased costs are not far away. Using telemedicine frees up valuable in-office time, keeps things running quickly and gives you the ability to see patients on their schedules....
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Practice Manager's Guide: How to Choose a Collection Agency

Posted by Melanie Reed, Dec 15, 2015
 If you’re at the point where your patient payments are down and you need a collection agency to step in, you need to consider your choice carefully. The quality of the collection agency can make a huge difference in getting you paid and maintaining a good relationship with your patients. And of course you want to avoid any sky-high pricing. Afterall, you’re just trying to boost that bottom line....
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How Telemedicine Solves the Costly Problem of No-Shows

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 11, 2015
If you’re a healthcare provider, you know all about no-shows....
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Telemedicine & Medicare Chronic Care: What to Know About 99490

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 8, 2015
When Medicare announced in early 2015 it was adding the new CPT code 99490, it was a big win for chronic care management and telemedicine. 99490 was added specifically to provide better coverage for managing patients with multiple chronic conditions, a job that often requires a lot of “behind-the-scenes,” unbillable time for healthcare providers....
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Depreciation: The Biggest Threat to Your Medical Practice's Cash Flow

Posted by Melanie Reed, Nov 30, 2015
The Department of Commerce performed a study on accounts and found that [tweetme text="after 30 days, 95% of your accounts are still collectable."]...
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