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Infographic: How to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 22, 2017
The amount of time patients spend waiting in your office may seem like a small factor when it comes to patient satisfaction. But it can actually have a huge effect. A recent Software Advice survey found a staggering 97% of patients were frustrated by wait times. Patients often use online review sites to gauge average wait times before selecting a new doctor. And perhaps most surprising, 41% of patient are willing to see another doctor to reduce their wait time. That means your wait times could be costing you patients....
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8 Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 11, 2017
Are you struggling to get patients into exam rooms on time? Do you find yourself twiddling thumbs waiting for patients to arrive, only to miss your lunch or leave late when the schedule gets backed-up? We have a few simple ways that’ll help you stay on schedule and reduce patient wait times....
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6 (More) Life Hacks for Doctors

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Aug 2, 2016
Physicians, practice managers and medical staff everywhere, we know your time is valuable. Since the response from our previous blog post on "life hacks" for doctors was so positive, we decided to add to the list. Here are six more simple tips that can make your day more stress-free and productive!...
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How To Design the Perfect Medical Practice Website [Infographic]

Posted by Chase Larson, Jul 28, 2016
With 77% of Internet health seekers beginning their hunt for medical information with a web search, your online presence has never been more important....
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Top 20 Mobile Health Tools

Posted by Chase Larson, Jul 26, 2016
We're always on the lookout for incredible new mobile health tools. Whether it's a new piece of medical equipment or a truly smart app for your phone, at eVisit, we love nothing more than innovative health tech! Here's a list of the apps, devices, tech and tools we're fascinated by right now....
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You Don’t Own Your Brand, Your Patients Do

Posted by Amy Austin, Jul 25, 2016
Your brand is developed around how and what you offer to your patients and conveyed to them through the messages and interactions they have with you and your staff. What they think of your brand and how they choose to share it with others is their perception of the brand. And they own that powerful tool, not you....
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3 Reasons Why Telehealth & Concierge Medicine Are a Perfect Pair

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jul 19, 2016
If you’re in the concierge medicine business, you have to operate a little differently than traditional medical practices.  ...
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How To Start a Blog: A Physician's Guide

Posted by Chase Larson, Jul 18, 2016
Blogging is a great way to capture the attention of new patients and anyone interested in your practice's specialties. But starting a blog takes a lot of work beyond simply employing smart web design and SEO strategies.  ...
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8 Vacation Tips for Physicians

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Jul 14, 2016
Physicians, there's a good chance you hear this question a lot in the summer months: "can doctors even take a vacation?" It can sometimes seem impossible in the the hustle and bustle of the office. If you work in medicine, you certainly can take a vacation – and absolutely should – but it may seem easier said than done. Prepare for your own vacation with these eight easy steps, and you'll be relaxing in no time knowing all is well back at the office.  ...
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7 Steps To Educating Patients About Telehealth

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jul 13, 2016
For many patients today, telehealth and telemedicine are no longer unfamiliar terms. Thanks to wide adoption of telemedicine by insurance companies and large direct-consumer care telemedicine companies like Teladoc, more patients than ever recognize virtual care as a new, acceptable way to see a doctor....
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