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Practice Manager's Guide: How to Choose a Collection Agency

Posted by Melanie Reed, Dec 15, 2015
 If you’re at the point where your patient payments are down and you need a collection agency to step in, you need to consider your choice carefully. The quality of the collection agency can make a huge difference in getting you paid and maintaining a good relationship with your patients. And of course you want to avoid any sky-high pricing. Afterall, you’re just trying to boost that bottom line....
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How Telemedicine Solves the Costly Problem of No-Shows

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 11, 2015
If you’re a healthcare provider, you know all about no-shows....
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Webinar: How to Choose the Right Telemedicine Solution

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 9, 2015
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Telemedicine & Medicare Chronic Care: What to Know About 99490

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Dec 8, 2015
When Medicare announced in early 2015 it was adding the new CPT code 99490, it was a big win for chronic care management and telemedicine. 99490 was added specifically to provide better coverage for managing patients with multiple chronic conditions, a job that often requires a lot of “behind-the-scenes,” unbillable time for healthcare providers....
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How Does Telemedicine Affect Malpractice Insurance?

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Dec 2, 2015
As physicians, we don’t normally like to think about malpractice insurance or any scenario where we’d actually need it. But because telemedicine is getting popular, physicians and insurance companies are starting to wonder how to handle telemedicine from a malpractice perspective....
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Depreciation: The Biggest Threat to Your Medical Practice's Cash Flow

Posted by Melanie Reed, Nov 30, 2015
The Department of Commerce performed a study on accounts and found that [tweetme text="after 30 days, 95% of your accounts are still collectable."]...
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Why I’m Thankful to be a Physician

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken, Nov 24, 2015
As the holidays approach, it’s only natural to reflect on what we’re thankful for in our lives. For physicians especially, it’s an opportunity to remind ourselves why we got into the medical profession in the first place. With the incredible rates of physician burnout nowadays, it can be easy to forget those reasons....
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8 Tips for Physicians to Keep a Better Work-Life Balance

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Nov 23, 2015
With lives on the line and innumerable people, charts, and tasks, vying for physicians’ attention, it’s no surprise that many doctors have trouble maintaining an optimal work-life balance. If you add caring for a family and a social life to that mix, it’s no wonder that physician burnout is so high....
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Infographic: Is Changing to Private Medicine Worth it?

Posted by Hattie Hayes, Nov 19, 2015
There's been a lot of buzz lately about concierge medicine models and more provider switching to a private, direct-pay model. The shift to private medicine comes as no surprise considering the rising administrative burden, operating costs, and many other pressures on today's physicians....
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What the Interstate Medical License Compact Means for Telemedicine

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Nov 18, 2015
With the rise of telemedicine, one the biggest barriers has been our state medical licensing system. Telemedicine is helping break down geographic barriers to care. But telemedicine won’t be able to really extend access until doctors can provide care across state lines. How do we overcome the limitations of our state medical licensing system?...
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