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How to Become a Telehealth Consultant

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 7, 2016
With over 75% of surveyed patients now interested in telehealth, it’s safe to say virtual care is a trend that’s taking off. A recent study found a staggering 90% of healthcare executives are already in the process of planning or developing telemedicine programs for their organizations....
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3 Key Ways Marketing is Changing in Healthcare

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 6, 2016
Your patients don’t look for you in the phonebook anymore. TV commercials? You’ve been skipped. And if your patients are millennials, they may not always ask for referrals either....
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5 Ways to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

Posted by Gregory Sanders, MD, Jun 2, 2016
Hospitalizations account for around one-third of the total $2 trillion in annual health spending in the United States....
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Infographic: Patient Experience of Telehealth

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 1, 2016
Adding telehealth to your medical services can seem like a big plunge....
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Mobile Medical Devices for Your Telehealth Program

Posted by Hattie Hayes, May 31, 2016
If you already know and love telehealth, you're familiar with the pleasure and convenience of remote visits and mobile monitoring. Can it get any better? Yes, in fact--more medical devices are becoming telehealth-friendly every day. That means convenience for patients and less stress for you. We took a look at industry trends and are happy to report these medical devices will likely be the next things you use alongside or integrate into your telehealth program. Are you using any of these already?...
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Top 30 Ways to Market Your Medical Practice

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 24, 2016
You know the saying, "If you build it, they will come"?...
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The Concierge Medical Practice Checklist: Expert Advice Roundup

Posted by Hattie Hayes, May 23, 2016
Have you decided to start your own medical practice? Are you looking to open a concierge practice, specifically? It can be a difficult journey, but it's worth it! To make things easier on you, new physician entrepreneur, we've compiled some expert advice from around the web. Take a look!...
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Is Your Medical Practice Hitting These Billing Benchmarks?

Posted by Hattie Hayes, May 20, 2016
Keeping track of your practice's financial health can be a struggle. The best way to track your medical practice's successes, and to assess metrics like productivity, staffing costs, and revenue growth: benchmarks! By researching industry performance standards and creating measurable goals for your practice, you can track your group's successes see how you perform compared to other practices. It's also the easiest way to identify and solve problems. If you want to protect your practice's revenues and improve financial health, consider setting ...
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11 Top Patient Questions about Telehealth

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 19, 2016
As we've written before, a majority of patients are now interested in doing telehealth visits. Whether you're considering telehealth or you already have a program up-and-running, you have patients who want the kind of convenient care that telemedicine can offer....
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22 Eye-Opening Mental Healthcare Stats

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, May 18, 2016
Cultivating our mental health is a key part of our well-being. Whether you’re a mental health professional, or just someone invested in the health of your patients, friends, or family, you know this well....
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