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Is Your Medical Practice Hitting These Billing Benchmarks?

Posted by Hattie Hayes
Keeping track of your practice's financial health can be a struggle. The best way to track your medical practice's successes, and to assess metrics like productivity, staffing costs, and revenue growth: benchmarks! By researching industry performance standards and creating measurable goals for your practice, you can track your group's successes see how you perform compared to other practices. It's also the easiest way to identify and solve problems. If you want to protect your practice's revenues and improve financial health, consider setting ...
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How to Improve Your Practice with Progressive Cash Flow Strategies

Posted by Melanie Reed
Need to improve your medical practice cash flow? It’s worth trying out a few progressive cash flow strategies....
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Depreciation: The Biggest Threat to Your Medical Practice's Cash Flow

Posted by Melanie Reed
The Department of Commerce performed a study on accounts and found that [tweetme text="after 30 days, 95% of your accounts are still collectable."]...
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Medicare and Telemedicine: Top 10 FAQs

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
As a telemedicine company, we know that navigating issues around telemedicine policy and reimbursement can be tricky. Afterall, your job as a provider isn’t to be an expert on telemedicine rules – it’s to provide the very best care to your patients.  ...
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