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How To Start a Blog: A Physician's Guide

Posted by Chase Larson
Blogging is a great way to capture the attention of new patients and anyone interested in your practice's specialties. But starting a blog takes a lot of work beyond simply employing smart web design and SEO strategies.  ...
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67 Surprising Telemedicine Facts You Should Know

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
As demand for virtual healthcare grows, so too does the demand for telemedicine facts and statistics. These stats support physicians’ decisions to provide telemedicine services and the adoption of telemedicine parity laws by state and federal governments. Telemedicine statistics can also clear up concerns patients may have about this new healthcare delivery model....
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11 Top Patient Questions about Telehealth

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
As we've written before, a majority of patients are now interested in doing telehealth visits. Whether you're considering telehealth or you already have a program up-and-running, you have patients who want the kind of convenient care that telemedicine can offer....
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Direct Mail Marketing 101 for Medical Practices

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
Marketing buzz today tends to center around digital marketing. But sometimes traditional marketing tactics can work best for medical practices – especially if you’re nervous about emailing patients....
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7 Easy Steps to Create Your Medical Practice Website

Posted by Bret Larsen
If you’re a practicing healthcare provider and don’t have a practice website yet, the time has come: you need a website!...
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14 Creative Ways to Reduce Patient Cancellations

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
Late cancellations and no-shows frustrate your front desk staff, your accounting team, and every member of your medical staff. Plus, they're not good for your patients. A patient no-show could mean reduce treatment adherence, or even a later unnecessary trip to the ER if they're not getting the follow-up they need when they need it. Too many late arrivals or no-shows can create bottlenecks in your appointment schedule and cause other patients to have longer wait times....
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7 Mobile Marketing Tips to Expand Your Medical Practice

Posted by Sophorn Chhay
In this day and age, you not only need to be marketing your medical practice, you need to mobile-friendly! Two-thirds of Americans currently own a smartphone and many will be finding you or browsing your practice website on their phones....
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21 Fascinating Patient Engagement Stats

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
The numbers are in: Patient engagement drives better quality of care for patients and better experiences for patients and physicians alike. Promoting patient engagement has taken off in the past few years. This has been especially true since the Affordable Care Act and changes to Medicare payments put an emphasis on patients’ experience and quality of care over number of services provided....
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How to Boost Patient Engagement with EHR Software

Posted by Hannah Nava
When it comes to health records, some patients engage with them about as much as a waiting room magazine: they may pick it up, but only to casually flip through and not to analyze the content inside....
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7 Top Email Marketing Platforms for Doctors

Posted by Hattie Hayes
Email marketing is a crucial strategy for engaging and informing your patients, regardless of practice size. As you're selecting an email marketing platform, consider your unique practice needs. Ask yourself a few questions while you're making a decision....
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