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How Can Doctors Deal with Anti-Vaxxers?

Posted by Hattie Hayes
As the rise in measles outbreaks continues, learning how to deal with patients against vaccines is a critical issue for doctors. How can you promote the health and safety of your patients when their decisions to refuse vaccines threaten public safety? How do you reason with patients who insist on the harmful effects of vaccines against overwhelming evidence to the contrary?...
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How the Typical Telemedicine Model Gets it Wrong

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken
Most telemedicine companies connect patients with doctors they've never met before.  While this is one way to provide more accessible healthcare, it's not the best path to sustainable, high-quality care....
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Topics: eVisit Blog Posts, patient-doctor relationship, physician empathy, Telemedicine

Improve Physician Empathy in 7 Simple Steps

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
Lackluster bedside manner is a common patient complaint about doctors. But what does good bedside manner really boil down to? Empathy. A great physician has rockstar clinical skills and empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another....
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