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eVisit Welcomes Dr. Scott Orava as Chief Medical Officer

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Apr 13, 2015
With 20 years experience as an emergency physician, Dr. Orava will direct physician-focused telehealth solutions Dr. Scott Orava, eVisit CMO...
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Our CEO Bret Larsen talks with Superbcrew about eVisit

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jan 23, 2015
Hear our CEO and co-founder Bret Larsen describe our rockstar team, list eVisit's key features, and explain how eVisit is the tool all business-savvy doctors want - an innovative telehealth software that saves time and boosts practice revenue....
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Top Six New Year Resolutions for Physicians

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jan 5, 2015
With the year just beginning, you're probably powering through your new year's resolutions this month. Lose a few pounds, dedicate more time to a hobby, spend more times with the kids. What about resolutions for your practice? How do you break nebulous goals like “increase my practice’s revenue” or “improve patient satisfaction and engagement” into achievable steps? We took a few of the relevant healthcare trends for 2015 and turned them into this year's top 6 new year resolutions for physicians. Stick to these and you're guaranteed to improve your ...
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mHealth: What's Happening in Mobile Healthcare?

Posted by Bret Larsen, Nov 2, 2014
At eVisit, we spend our time at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We're interested in what's happening in mobile healthcare (mHealth) and where it's headed. Our telehealth software is built around the needs of patients and physicians and we're constantly looking for ways to develop better tools for our users. We analyze ways individuals are staying connected online and utilizing their online experience to empower their healthcare choices. Then, we look for ways to improve that experience. 78% of U.S. consumers are interested in mHealth ...
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Can Telemedicine Help Improve Your Practice?

Posted by Bret Larsen, Oct 28, 2014
Telemedicine has been shown to save time, money, and even patient lives. It can be used to treat underserved populations, allow physicians efficient access to rural areas, and help drive patient compliance. Telemedicine isn’t here to replace face-to-face interactions, but rather extend the doctor/patient relationship beyond the walls of a private practice....
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3 Patient Engagement Tips Every Practice Should Implement

Posted by Bret Larsen, Oct 21, 2014
An increasing amount of evidence shows that patients who actively engage with their health care providers have better clinical outcomes and incur lower costs. [1] Practices that emphasize patient engagement can improve patient satisfaction and contribute to better clinical outcomes with fewer complications and re-hospitalizations. [2]...
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Can High-Quality Healthcare Really be Simple?

Posted by Bret Larsen, Oct 12, 2014
What if patients could instantly enter their own data that was easily added to their files? What would happen if you could electronically prescribe to a pharmacy of a patient’s choice? What if doctors’ notes could be documented with a simple click and that data was HIPPA compliant? What if?...
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