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Can Telemedicine Really Increase my Practice Revenue?

Posted by Brooke Andrus, Mar 8, 2017
Some products just don’t live up to the advertising hype, and it can be tough to predict which ones will end up being worthwhile investments — and which ones will sit unused for years in the darkest corner of your kitchen pantry (I’m looking at you, Vidalia Chop Wizard)....
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3 Reasons Why Telehealth & Concierge Medicine Are a Perfect Pair

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jul 19, 2016
If you’re in the concierge medicine business, you have to operate a little differently than traditional medical practices.  ...
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7 Steps To Educating Patients About Telehealth

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jul 13, 2016
For many patients today, telehealth and telemedicine are no longer unfamiliar terms. Thanks to wide adoption of telemedicine by insurance companies and large direct-consumer care telemedicine companies like Teladoc, more patients than ever recognize virtual care as a new, acceptable way to see a doctor....
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How Much Should You Spend On Telehealth?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jul 8, 2016
Like adding any new technology to your practice, starting a telehealth program comes with costs. But it can also bring more revenue and huge gains in the quality of your patient care.  ...
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20 Stats: How Do Patients Feel About Telehealth?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 27, 2016
We've all heard the stats citing that telemedicine is on the rise. But will your patients actually use telehealth if you offer virtual visits in your practice? Will they be willing to get over any concerns or initial hesitations? How do patients actually feel about telemedicine?...
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How to Verify Patient Insurance for Telehealth

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 23, 2016
As with many newer or more experimental medical procedures, telemedicine services can sometimes fall in the gray area for insurance carriers. Do your patients' insurance plans cover it? Will they reimburse you, as the physician, for the service? If so, what specific requirements do they have?  ...
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3 Innovative Rural Healthcare Tech Tools

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 21, 2016
While our healthcare technology is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was only a few years ago, we still need better healthcare access in rural or remote areas of the U.S. It’s an important issue that everyone in healthcare needs to address....
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67 Surprising Telemedicine Facts You Should Know

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 20, 2016
As demand for virtual healthcare grows, so too does the demand for telemedicine facts and statistics. These stats support physicians’ decisions to provide telemedicine services and the adoption of telemedicine parity laws by state and federal governments. Telemedicine statistics can also clear up concerns patients may have about this new healthcare delivery model....
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The Real Story Behind eVisit's Customer-focused Telehealth Solution

Posted by Krista Pappas, Jun 13, 2016
As eVisit’s Director of Customer Success, I often get asked what my title truly means. What does customer success mean for a telemedicine company like eVisit? How do we ensure our physician customers take our software and achieve their goals – whether that’s better patient care or a more profitable practice?...
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Does Medicaid Reimburse for Telehealth in My State?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla, Jun 9, 2016
It may seem like whenever telehealth comes up, questions about reimbursement are just around the corner....
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