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Webinar: The Top Reasons Physicians Don't Use Telemedicine, and Why They're Wrong

Posted by Teresa Iafolla
April 8th, 11am PT / 2pm ET In this free webinar, Dr. Glen McCracken will cover the top reasons why physicians don't use telemedicine, and why none of them hold up when you look at the facts. Not sure about telemedicine, trying to convince a skeptical colleague, or just want to learn more about the benefits of offering evisits? Then this webinar is perfect for you....
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5 Ways Telemedicine Saves Doctors Money

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken
Who doesn’t love to save money?...
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How the Typical Telemedicine Model Gets it Wrong

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken
Most telemedicine companies connect patients with doctors they've never met before.  While this is one way to provide more accessible healthcare, it's not the best path to sustainable, high-quality care....
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Will telemedicine take off in 2015? A response to Chirag Patel.

Posted by Dr. Glen McCracken
It’s no surprise that our eVisit team is excited about telemedicine. We think telemedicine has the potential to transform the health care model to both patients’ and providers’ benefits. But telemedicine is also a technology ahead of the curve. It’s only natural that in 2015, the healthcare industry is still adapting to make room....
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Adopting Telemedicine: 7 Reasons Why

Posted by Bret Larsen
1. It facilitates urgent patient requests. Patients are able to get almost immediate attention wherever they are since telemedicine isn’t bound by geography. Patients can easily access their doctors via email or a mobile app, allowing for faster response times and immediate information delivery....
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Can Telemedicine Help Improve Your Practice?

Posted by Bret Larsen
Telemedicine has been shown to save time, money, and even patient lives. It can be used to treat underserved populations, allow physicians efficient access to rural areas, and help drive patient compliance. Telemedicine isn’t here to replace face-to-face interactions, but rather extend the doctor/patient relationship beyond the walls of a private practice....
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