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7 Must-have Resources for Concierge Doctors

Posted by Teresa Iafolla

Are you a new concierge doctor just starting out? Or are you considering making the leap? If so, you’re likely overwhelmed with questions – how do I find patients interested in concierge medicine? How do I decide how much to charge patients? How can I build a solid business plan?

As much as concierge medicine has been touted as a way for doctors to get rich on less work, opening up a new concierge medical practice is a huge challenge. Not only are you starting up a new practice, you’re trying to sell patients on a completely new way to pay for and receive healthcare.

And as a nascent field, information for the concierge doctor is still rather limited. The good news is, there are a few great resources out there to guide you as a new concierge doctor. We rounded up some of the top places to look for tools, advice, and lessons learned from concierge physicians, like you.

Here are 7 resources that will help you get your concierge practice off the ground.

  1. Concierge Medicine Radio

    Want to hear the personal stories and lessons learned from other concierge doctors? Then Concierge Medicine Radio is for you. Concierge Medicine Radio is a weekly online podcast of interviews with physicians and thought leaders in the concierge medicine space. The podcast host, Taylor Pearson, started the show after watching his own dad and sister transition their traditional medical practices to direct primary care practices. The podcast does an excellent job of answering those tough questions concierge doctors have as they're opening new practices and struggling to find the right resources to guide them. Take this interview with Dr. John Isbicki, who details his own experience transitioning primary care practice to direct-pay and growing his new practice at a rate of 25 patients per month. It’s rich in valuable content and also makes for an interesting listen during your daily commute.
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  1. Concierge Medicine Today

    Concierge Medicine Today is basically your one-stop shop for the latest news, tools, and content on the concierge medicine industry. Creators Catherine Sykes and Michael Tetreault started the website several years ago after finding there were very few resources for concierge doctors. Since then, they’ve built a comprehensive site that provides everything from news to helpful content written by concierge doctors, to market research whitepapers, to guidance on legal issues, to example business models….the list goes on. Whether you’re considering a transition to concierge or have already made the leap, Concierge Medicine Today should be on your daily reading list.
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  1. Direct Primary Care Journal

    Decided to go the direct pay route? Check out Direct Primary Care Journal, sister website of Concierge Medicine Today. The site offers many of the same types of resources as Concierge Medicine Today, but focuses specifically on direct primary care practices.
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  2. American Academy of Private Physicians

    Looking for easy ways to get more exposure for your concierge practice? Create your physician profile on AAPP’s Official Directory of Private Physicians. The listing is posted online for patients and employers searching for concierge doctors in their area.
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  3. AAFP's Direct Primary Care Center

    AAFP officially supports direct primary care practice models and provides tools, trainings, and other resources to back up their position. Check out their Direct Primary Care section for a basic DPC FAQ sheet, links to helpful articles, and a complete direct primary care toolkit that acts as your own consultant. AAFP also just recently started offering one-day training workshops for direct primary care physicians. The upcoming workshop takes place in Wilmington, DE on March 28th.. Check it out soon, if you're interested! The last one was a sold-out event.
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  4. Direct Primary Care Coalition

    Get involved in the direct primary care movement by joining the Direct Primary Care Coalition, an organization dedicated to moving the DPC policy agenda forward. The Coalition's website also regularly publishes articles on DPC-related policy  and offers free webinars, such as this webinar on recent direct primary care legislation and how employers are using DPC to fulfill requirements of the Affordable Care Act. And, if you’re looking for a quick patient marketing video that explains the benefits of direct primary care, you can always share the one on the DPC Coalition’s homepage.
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  5. The Doctor’s Guide to Concierge Medicine

    Prefer to get all your guidance in book-form? You’re in luck. Building on their concierge medicine information dynasty, Concierge Medicine Today’s founders, Michael Tetreault and Catherine Sykes, have compiled all the basics for the beginning concierge doctor into the 378 page The Doctor's Guide to Concierge Medicine. Just published in January 2015, this book is one of the few guidebooks out there for concierge doctors. Like the toolkit found at Concierge Medicine Today, the book walks concierge beginners through the early steps of selling the concierge medicine model to patients (“Top 5 Complaints Heard About Concierge Medicine”), salary expectations across the U.S., whether to go solo or group, how to deals with financing, how to choose a business model, dealing with legal issues…you get the point. If you’re looking for a handbook on how to open your concierge practice, look no further.
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Ready to get your concierge medical practice off to a running start? With just a few of these resources, you’ll be armed with the latest information and best practices in concierge medicine and ready to get up and running.

Have any favorite websites, books, or other resources on concierge medicine that we missed? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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