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Top 100 Healthcare Blogs

Posted by Teresa Iafolla

Our team at eVisit is always trying to keep up with the latest healthcare news, trends, and issues that matter to physicians. Needless to say, this requires a lot of time reading and doing information gathering on the web.

One of our best online resources for staying-up-to-date are healthcare blogs. Many times, I’ve found myself going back to the same reliable sources — whether it’s the personal blog of a family doctor that recounts daily personal challenges, or a brand-name news source dedicated to breaking down the complexities of new healthcare policy. Healthcare blogs are invaluable to everyone in the healthcare field; with their often unique combination of facts, editorial and personal touch, they let us tap into the myriad voices that make up our healthcare system.

So now we’d like to share our favorite healthcare blogs with you! We’ve scoured the web and pulled from our own favorites to compile this Top 100 Healthcare Blogs list. Each of these blogs is a gem in its own right, whether its strength comes from impeccable reporting, a unique voice, or it's creative resources for healthcare professionals.

Our list covers four main categories of healthcare blogs: practice management, physician-run, health technology, and general health topics and news. Whether you’re a physician, a health IT professional, a med student, or a healthcare exec, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect healthcare blog for you.

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Practice Management Blogs

  1. Power Your Practice


    Valuable, actionable advice for physicians and practice managers on how to make their practices more efficient and profitable. Topics range from cloud-based practice management, to writing an effective collections letter, to tips for onboarding a new staff member. Make sure to check out their free report on 5 Must Track Metrics for Practice Profitability.

  2. Practice Notes


    Practice Notes is the blog offshoot of Physicians Practice, the go-to resource for physicians and practice managers trying run a successful medical practice. Most blog posts are written by clinicians and consultants in the field with impressive resumes and a wealth of first-hand experience to back up their advice. Be sure to lend your thoughts and experiences to their various physician surveys.

  3. Getting Paid


    Kareo has quickly established themselves as a leading provider of software solutions for small medical practices. Their blog, Getting Paid, follows suit, offering straightforward tips on how physicians can improve their medical billing and practice management. They also regularly host webinars with experienced consultants and experts in the medical practice management space. Check out their latest one on ICD-10: 4 Steps to Success.

  4. CareCloud


    Like Kareo, CareCloud is in the game of producing tech solutions that make medical practices more effective. Their blog is an appropriate (and valuable) mix of healthcare news, mobile health updates, and tips on medical billing. Don't miss this insightful infographic on where you're losing money in the claims process.

  5. Medical Economics


    Medical Economics is a powerhouse of noteworthy healthcare journalism mixed with actionable information for healthcare providers, from those small practices to larger hospital systems. Be sure to read one of our favorite articles, the Top 15 challenges facing physicians in 2015 (and how to beat them).

  6. Medical Practice Insider

    Medical Practice Insider brings together an all-star cast of doctors and experts in tech and healthcare to write about the latest issues in healthcare. The blog also has many free, interesting whitepapers.

  7. The Profitable Practice

    What does the research say? This is the question this blog by Software Advice applies over and over again to important practical questions for physicians. If you're looking for practice management advice that's backed up by survey data, this is a great resource for you.

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  8. Capterra Medical Software Blog


    As one of the leading directories of business software solutions and user reviews, Capterra knows what features an EHR or other medical practice management software needs to be successful. This blog focuses on practice management tips and provides helpful articles for the physician who's hunting for a new tech solution.

  9. ICD-10 Watch Blog

    Keeping up with ICD-10 news, requirements, trainings ... it's time-consuming. That's why you should follow ICD10 watch, a great one-stop shop all about ICD-10. In addition to helpful articles by ICD-10 expert Carl Natale, you'll find the latest ICD-10 resources for codes and physicians, and all the latest ICD-10 related headlines from other news sources.

  10. MGMA in Practice Blog

    MGMA is probably already on your list of invaluable resources for education, research, and the latest information in medical practice management. But have you checked out their free blog?  In Practice gives you practical information on running your medical practice straight from MGMA members who are in the trenches.

  11. Getting Paid

    Not to be confused with the Kareo blog, this invaluable blog for physicians and professionals in family medicine is run by the AAFP and the associated Family Practice Management journal, so you know you can depend on the content. Special focus is on coding and reimbursement, though the blog covers a range of topics relevant to family medicine. Be sure to also check out the Family Practice Management Toolbox, too.

  12. Practice Management Blog


    As a provider of RCM software, Practice Suite knows what it takes to keep your practice revenue trending upwards. Check out this blog for short and sweet tips on keeping your medical billing running smoothly. You should also take a look at their Medical Billing eBook: Medical Billing: Identifying Threats, Seizing Opportunities.

  13. Fierce Practice Management


    This practice-management focused offshoot of the FierceMarkets empire is your guide to the latest news, analysis, and trends in practice management. They update daily and provide a wealth of helpful webinars and other resources.

  14. Medical Practice Trends Blog

    The Medical Practice Trends Blog is run by Dr. Peter Polack, author of Navigating the EMR Jungle and founder of eMedikon, a practice management consulting firm. In addition to practice management articles, you'll find videos, podcasts, and an ebook on how to boost your practice productivity.

  15. Nue MD Blog


    Helpful practice management articles, with a focus on health tech, from a thoughtful team of doctors and health tech experts. Check out two of the blog's popular posts: How the Affordable Care Act Will Affect Provider Reimbursement and Infographic: Is Meaningful Use Helping or Hurting EHR Adoption?

  16. Medical Practice Management Blog


    The Medical Practice Management Blog from MBA Medical Business Associates helps physician practice owners stay up-to-date on the latest health policy news that directly affects your practice. As a company with over 20 years in the business of providing medical practice management services, MBA ensures you're getting reliable information to power your medical practice. Peruse their guide on "How Independent Practices Can Succeed in a Healthcare Industry Shaped by ACO Programs."

  17. Nextech Blog


    Nextech's blog focuses on the wide range of practice management topics, with particular emphasis on ICD-10, EMRs, and HIPAA compliance. Check out their recent post on how to create a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy - an increasingly important step considering all the recent health information security breaches.

  18. Medical Billing & Coding Blog


    As the name suggests, Capture Billing's blog is all about Medical Billing and coding. The perfect resources for doctors, managers, and medical billers and coders, blog posts are written exclusively by Manny Oliverez, CEO of capture billing. Oliverez also teaches medical billing at community colleges, and has extensive experience managing medical practices.

  19. CureMD Blog


    Practice management articles, an upcoming webinar to prepare you for ICD-10, 5 free ebooks written by industry experts...CureMD's blog is a must-have resource for any medical practice manager. We're partial to this beautifully-designed, hilarious infographic on the most bizarre ICD-10 codes.

  20. Advance MD Blog


    Advance MD's blog is named Saving Private Practice, and with good reason. Find a plethora of articles, guides, and webinars to answer those tough questions about how optimize your small medical practice. We love the touch of humor, too. See their recent post on St. Patrick's day-themed ICD-10 codes.

  21. Pro MD Blog

    The Pro MD Practice Management blog is perhaps less active than the others we've listed here. But the blog makes up for it by churning out valuable medical practice management advice straight from Jose Carreras, VP of ProMD with more than 20 years in healthcare and personal experience as a practice administrator. Plus, check out the blog's cool ICD-10 code conversion widget.

  22. MBA Health Group Blog

    MBA health group has a team of 100 healthcare consultants who have helped hospitals, health systems, and physician practices all over the nation improve care, cut costs, and confront wide-ranging challenges. Their blog draws on the group's expertise, proposing practical advice and covering updates healthcare leaders need to know. Check out their recent webinar on “How to Prepare for a Full Year of Meaningful Use Reporting.”

  23. Doctor Base Blog


    The DoctorBase blog, from the creators of Doctor Base marketing and engagement software for SMB medical practices, features a great mix of practice management and marketing advice articles written by experienced doctors and tech geeks. Catch their recent article on what doctors need to know about telemedicine.

  24. Fix My Practice Blog

    The Fix My Practice Blog is run by the Physicians Practice S.O.S Group, a medical consulting team that helps analyze practices' problem areas and provide solutions. Whether you're struggling with A/R processes, patient flow, or compliance, this blog gives you the insights to those challenging questions facing many small medical practices.

  25. Total HIPAA compliance


    Keep your medical practice safe and secure by following the advice of Jason Karn, Director of Training and IT for Total HIPAA Compliance and all around expert on HIPAA. If you're worried about keeping patient health information safe after all the recent health cybersecurity breaches, this is a great blog to follow.

    Health Technology Blogs

  26. Mobihealthnews

    Mobi Health News is one of our go-to resources for the latest trends and news in the exploding digital health industry. Want to know about the latest medical apps? What about keeping up with Apple's ResearchKit, learning about the newest wearables, or demystifying the new FDA regulations on medical apps? Subscribe to this blog! Spotlight on their upcoming webinar: "Digital Health Tools for Physicians and Nurses."

  27. Rockhealth


    Rock Health has made their name powering innovative digital health startups and bringing together the brightest minds in health and tech. And because they're always scouring the field for the best, smart ideas, their blog is dependable for it’s powerful mix of digital health news, policy updates, and analysis about the latest health tech trends you need to watch. If you're interested in learning more about the digital health field, make sure you subscribe. Don't miss out on their valuable webinars either, like the upcoming one on "The State of Women in Healthcare."

  28. iMedicalApps


    With over 1 million health apps in the apple and android stores, the prospect of testing out apps to recommend to your patients is likely daunting. That's where the iMedicalApps blog comes in. It’s run by a team of physicians who dig through the health apps out there and do all the clinical vetting for you.

  29. Electronic Health Reporter


    Created by healthcare tech writer and journalist Scott Rupp, this blog provides a great mix of the latest news in healthcare tech along with more personal stories and interviews with the experts and companies making strides in the field. A great blog to find out more about new, innovative health tech vendors.

  30. Healthcare IT Leaders


    As their name suggests, Healthcare IT leaders knows HIT topics through-and-through. Whether you're a health IT professional yourself, or a practice owner trying keep your practice tech-savvy, this blog is worth checking out. Take a peek at this insightful infographic about physician adoption of Health IT for starters. 

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  31. Health IT Buzz


    Run by ONC, the Health IT Buzz Blog is the best place to find answers to your questions about transitioning from paper to EHRs. You'll also find updates on policy and ONC news. The blog encourages engagement and allows readers to submit your questions and comments for ONC to answer.

  32. Health Blog


    Thoughts, comments, news, and reflections from Microsoft's worldwide health senior director Bill Crounse, MD, on how information technology can improve healthcare delivery and services around the world. A worthwhile blog to follow whether you're an IT professional, healthcare exec, or physician in hospitals or independent practices.

  33. mhealthwatch


    This blog is self-described as "the pulse of the mHealth community," with good reason. Subscribe and you'll get daily updates on the latest digital health news, as well as updates on all security and health regulations relevant to the mhealth community.

  34. MedTech Boston


    A great mix of medical innovations, interviews, commentary by doctors, and health tech trends from Boston's medical hub. Read this recent post by Dr. Neel Shah on his "Reflections on the Ongoing Struggle to Define Value in Healthcare."

  35. American EHR Blog


    Everything you need to know about EHRs and health tech by a cast of high-power contributors — from doctors, to the former senior VP of the American College of Physicians, to the Senior Director of HIMSS.

  36. Aging in Place Tech Watch Blog


    Wondering how to bring the latest health tech trends to your geriatric patients? Aging in Place Technology Watch captures the latest healthcare news and trends for our aging population.

  37. The EHR Guy's Blog


    Michael Planchart, healthcare inoperability consultant, provides expert health tech advice mixed with personal perspective and a little humor. We love his recent post on "Healthcare IT is Getting Sexy and Fashionable - Wearables are Breaking Bad."@theEHRGuy

  38. The Digital Health Corner


    The Digital Health Corner Blog is run by Dr. David Lee Scher, founder of DLS Healthcare Consulting, a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist, and an expert in digital health. Anyone looking for a clinician’s perspective on digital health trends and technologies should sign up.

  39. EMR & EHR


    This blog for all things EHR and EMR related is run by John Lynn, health IT guru and founder of the larger blog network.  This is the perfect blog for any health IT professional or really any practice manager or physician trying to make informed decisions about their health tech. Be sure to peruse the list of EMR and EHR resources, from whitepapers to information on selecting the right software.

  40. Health IT Plus 


    A great healthcare IT blog covering EHR, mHealth, Telemedicine, ICD-10, Meaningful Use and other big trends in healthcare. Plus, they have a great section on health IT infographics for the visual content consumer.

  41. Healthcare IT guy


    The blog of Shahid Shah, an award-winning health IT and digital medical device inventor and CEO, with a list of accomplishments too long to include here. The point is, you'll want to hear his perspective on the latest medical and health tech innovations.

  42. Health 2.0


    Health 2.0 hosts a series of global conferences about innovations and tech that are transforming healthcare. Check out their blog for the latest behind-the-scenes peek at what new health technologies are coming out on top. Don't miss their Health 2.0 Annual Report on the "Trends, Companies & Health Technologies worth knowing in 2014."

  43. Fierce Health IT


    FierceHealthIT is one of our go-to sources for the latest Healthcare IT news, with its comprehensive coverage of new developments in telemedicine. If you're looking for a daily digest of all things digital health related, check this one out.

  44. Medgadget


    Are you a sucker for the real cutting-edge, futuristic tech inventions that are transforming medicine? Then Medgadget is the perfect blog for you. You'll get daily updates on cool new medical gadgets — still in research stages and on the market. Read more about this Ebola suit that could contain the disease without sequestering them in special isolation environments.

  45. mHealthNews


    mHealthNews brings together an impressive list of contributors (from the Executive Director of mHealth Alliance to the CMO of DoctorBase) to discuss all things mHealth-related. If you’re an mhealth enthusiast attending this year's HIMSS Conference, you can use this mHealthNews post as a guide to planning your schedule.

  46. HealthcareITNews


    Published by HIMSS Media, HealthcareIT News is a reliable, daily updated source for all your healthcare IT news, whether you're looking for the most recent updates on meaningful use rules, tips for implementing your EMR successfully, or are wondering how to leverage patient data to provide better care. Many articles are geared toward healthcare professionals working in hospital systems, but physicians in independent practices will find plenty of helpful information too.

  47. HIT Consultant


    One of our favorite health tech blogs. Run by healthcare IT management consultant, Fred Pennic, this blog provides comprehensive coverage of digital health, mhealth, ICD-10, health IT policy, opinion name it. Plus, they have one of the best infographics sections we've seen, collecting together infographics about health IT from all over the internet.

  48. HIStalk


    Thoughts and commentary on the healthcare industry from an IT Health professional working for a non-profit hospital. The blog also hosts webinars, videos and whitepapers through

  49. Health IT Law Blog

    A great resource for health IT or other healthcare professionals who want to accessible, current information on the latest policy and regulations affecting health IT. Articles are written by Steven Fox, Chair of law firm Post & Schell's Information Technology Practice Group, so you know all the content posted is from a legal expert.

  50. The cHealth Blog


    We're on the path towards a healthcare system that values connected health, but how do we get there faster? Dr. Joseph Kvedar, VP of Connected Health at Partners Healthcare, talks about where there's room for improvement, and how current trends, like the rise of wearables, affect the field of connected health. Check out this post on "The Five Accelerants to the Adoption of Connected Health."

    Physician Blogs

  51. The Happy MD


    Physician burnout is a rampant problem in the industry, and one Dr. Dike Drummond of Happy MD is committed to stopping. With a background as a family practice doctor and business coach, Dr. Drummond has lots of wisdom to share on how doctors can increase their job satisfaction and fight against the inevitable stress.@thehappymd

  52. Not Running a Hospital


    Paul Levy, a former CEO of a Boston hospital, provides thoughtful commentary on the latest healthcare issues affecting doctors. His mix of personal experience with insightful curation of stories, thought leaders, and resources from across the industry make this a must-follow blog for any doctor or healthcare exec.

  53. Family Practice 2.0


    A family doctor since 1984, Dr. Kathy Nieder has the inside scoop on the top issues affecting primary care. Her blog chronicles her daily frustrations and reflections as a family doctor continually trying to improve her practice and approach to patient care.

  54. Kevin's Take


    You've no doubt already heard of, but do you follow Kevin's Take, the blog exclusively written by Dr. Kevin Pho? As a physician now well-known for providing a space that features physician voices, Dr. Pho's personal perspective on the latest issues affecting doctors is worth following. Check out his recent post, "How to fix maintenance of certification: Here's what I'd do.”

  55. Love Medicine Again


    Like Dr. Dike Drummond, Dr. Starla Fitch is a physician who has turned her efforts towards fighting a widespread problem among doctors: physician burnout. Dr. Fitch started researching this problem in depth after struggling with burnout herself. An author of several books on the topic, Dr. Fitch has lots of helpful tips to boost your job satisfaction and lower your stress.

  56. Medinnovation

    As a doctor, editor, and prolific author, Dr. Richard Reece is full of commentary on recent healthcare reforms, with a focus on Obamacare. His blog is worth checking out for anyone interested in healthcare policy.

  57. Dr. David's Blog

    The personal musings of a pediatric oncologist. While Dr. David hasn't been updating this blog recently, we're still mentioning it here as an interesting site to check out for anyone who wants to see into the day-to-day life of a pediatric oncologist.

  58. DB's Medical Rants

    Dr. Robert Centor or "db" for "Dr. Bob" or "Da Boss," runs this blog – which is a mix of personal commentary on medical treatments, education, and issues affecting doctors.  As an educator and member of Medscape's editorial board, he also started a feature on his blog that presents Medscape cases for student discussion and then reveals the solution several days later.

  59. The Doctor Weighs In


    The Doctor Weighs In was started by Dr. Pat Salber as a blog about obesity and weight loss. It's since grown into a blog covering many different aspects of health care, from clinical topics to health policy. Posts are written by Dr. Salber and a host of expert contributors.

  60. Dr. Kevin Campbell


    As a cardiologist and physician executive, Dr. Kevin Campbell provides a combination of his personal experiences as a doctor and commentary on the economic and policy issues affecting physicians.

  61. Dr. Wes


    The fitting tagline of this personal blog of Dr. Wes, is "the personal musings in the life of an internist, cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist." Those musings range from personal stories, to coverage of interesting health news, to editorials about the controversial issues affecting doctors.  All posts are thoughtful and interesting, like this reflection on live video feeds at medical conferences.

  62. Doctor Grumpy in the House


    Looking for a medical blog with a little more humor? Check out Doctor Grumpy in the House, a blog full of funny, silly medical jokes, stories, and personal commentary by the anonymous "Dr. Grumpy."

  63. 33 Charts


    33 Charts is the blog of Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, a pediatrician and well-known influencer on medicine and technology. You'll find thoughtful, weekly updates on healthcare happenings, the state of medicine, and health tech.

  64. Dr. Pullen

    @dredpullen is the blog of Dr. Ed Pullen, an experienced family physician who offers his perspective on medical news. A great blog for both physicians and patients who are interested in getting more informed about healthcare.

  65. Dr. Len's Cancer Blog


    Dr. Len is actually Dr. Len Lichten, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer Society. His articles cover the latest cancer research and insights, as well as his own experiences with the American Cancer Society. Check out this interesting post: In New Orleans' Efforts to Make Bars and Casinos Smoke Free, It's the Musicians' Songs That Are the Sweetest.

  66. Dr. Leslie Greenberg's blog

    Dr. Leslie Greenberg is a family medicine doctor with the mission of educating more patients about their health. You'll find blog posts ranging from "Why diabetics need annual eye exams" to "Avoiding holiday weight gain." The articles are friendly and accessible, making this blog perfect for recommending to your patients.

  67. Life as a Healthcare CIO


    Dr. John Halamka, CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical, Co-Chair of the HIT standards committee, and an ER physician who teaches at the Harvard Medical School, writes his experiences working in healthcare IT as well as more personal tidbits about his life. Here's a recent post we found interesting: What is the Optimal Future Role for ONC.

  68. ZDoggMD


    A doctor who likes to drop Jay-Z references and do Weird-Al style videos about medical issues? We love it! This blog is full of hilarious, creative, and medically-relevant videos and articles that you won't be able to resist sharing with all your doctor (or other) friends.

  69. Mothers in Medicine

    This unique, smart blog is written by a group of physicians-mothers who all struggle with the same thing — balancing the demands of both patient care and child care 24/7. How do they do it? Find out by following the blog and reading up on the very personal stories these doctor-moms share about their lives.

  70. Dr. Pierre's Blog

    The personal blog by Dr. Pierre, a primary care physician practicing in Bethesda, MD. He shares personal stories of his daily experiences as a doctor, and his recent journey opening up a new practice.

  71. Retired Doc's Thoughts

    The Retired Doc's thoughts is the personal blog of Dr. James Gaulte, a retired physician who offers his opinions about goings-on in the medical field. Posts are thoughtful and often provide helpful references to recent literature, articles of note, and quotes from other experts in the field.

  72. A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor


    This blog offers an inside peek into life during and after med school. Author and doctor-in-training, Freida McFadden, offers funny personal stories that are perfect for med students, residents, doctors, and really anyone interested in an insider's perspective. If you like her style, you can also check out her book — A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor.

  73. GlassHospital

    GlassHospital is run by Dr. John Henning Schumann, a medical educator at the University of Oklahoma who previously served in medical center administration at hospitals in Boston and Chicago. The blog aims to "demystify medicine" and the healthcare experience for patients and doctors.

  74. A Country Doctor

    A Country Doctor chronicles the experience of a family doctor working in a small town, housecall bag in hand, caring for three or four generations of families. Posts are personal reflections, recounts of interesting or unusual cases, and daily frustrations and rewards that come from practicing family medicine in a rural setting.

    Read more: 5 Tops Apps for the Family Doctor

  75. Common Sense Family Doctor

    Kenny Lin is a family doctor based in Washington DC. This blog details his everyday experiences and thoughts on the field of medicine, often including quotes, research citations, and breakdowns of recent health reports. Check out this post on psychological harms of screening.

    General Health, Healthcare News & Policy Blogs

  76. Action for Better Healthcare


    Like Premier, the healthcare improvement alliance that runs the blog, Action for Better Healthcare aims to improve the health of communities. Articles focus on providing healthcare workers with actionable solutions for cutting costs and raising quality of care. Make sure you see this post on "3 Ways to Control Product Mix and Technology Inflation."

  77. Vital Signs


    Vital Signs blog is run by Modern Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare business news and research. With a stellar team of reporters behind this blog, you can expect daily updates on the biggest issues affecting the US healthcare industry.

  78. TedMed


    If you haven't heard of TEDMED already, it's an independently-owned medical edition of TED Talks that covers medical innovations, and inspiring ideas in medicine. The TedMed blog covers highlights and interviews from TedMed speakers, plus the latest updates from TEDMED. It's a behind-the-scenes peak at the popular med talks conference, and even gives you the opportunity to interact with TEDMED directly, through comments and organized Twitterchats.

  79. The Atlantic Health Blog


    Coverage of important and wide-ranging health topics from the reporters at Atlantic magazine — relevant, high-quality and often thought-provoking content for both the layperson and physician.

  80. Shots


    The NPR Shots blog delivers a steady stream of reliable, interesting health news from the NPR Science desk. You'll find impeccable, journalistic coverage of wide-ranging health topics, new medical treatments, and important updates about healthcare policy. Check out this fascinating article we found on how wireless sensors are helping scientists to map the spread of staph in hospitals.

  81. New York Times Health


    As with the other brand-name news sources we've mentioned here, the New York Times Health blog provides an impressively broad range of well-researched, insightful articles about relevant health topics and news in the healthcare industry. While the articles are obviously directed at a broad health-focused, non-medical audience, there's plenty to interest physicians. Make sure to bookmark their recent feature video on apps for tracking fitness and losing weight, and share with your patients.

  82. Becker's Hospital Review: The Daily Beat Blog


    From the editors of Becker's Hospital Review comes this more informal, personal interest blog. You'll find interesting commentary on recent healthcare issues and fun pieces like these healthcare-themed valentines. We love their "Friday Feel Good" feature that highlights uplifting healthcare news or personal story each Friday.

  83. Healthcare Leadership Blog


    The Healthcare Leadership blog was created by the folks behind #HCLDR, a hashtag that has helped organize an online community of healthcare providers, CEOs, IT professionals and more who want to improve healthcare. The blog is evident of the kinds of complex, meaningful discussions that are circulating in the healthcare community. Posts introduce and prime the #HCLDR chats for intelligent, cultural analysis of best practices within our healthcare system, as with this Leonard Nimroy-themed post on "The Role of Logic and Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare.”

  84. The Healthcare Blog


    Since 2003, the Healthcare Blog has covered everything healthcare-related, from the business of health care, to economics, to health tech, to national health care get the point. The blog also offers categories catered to specific audiences, such as physicians, patients, small practices, and accountable care organizations, so you can easily find the most relevant content. Visit the Healthcare Blog now and see why The Wall Street Journal called it "the leading insider voice in the field."

  85. Health Affairs Blog


    If you read Health Affairs, a leading scholarly journal on health policy and research, you'll want to check out their official blog too.  The Health Affairs blog aims to start a dialogue about the articles and issues from the journal. Posts discuss essays from the journal and encourage readers to comment and start a discussion directly with the author. They also often link directly to articles and research, making the content extremely accessible to readers.

  86. The Healthcare Economist

    With the tagline "Unbiased analysis of today's healthcare issues," Healthcare Economist's aims are ambitious; creator and economist Jason Shafrin brings an economist's keen, logical analytic skills to relevant healthcare topics. Check out this helpful breakdown of the recent King v. Burwell case.



    HealthsystemCIO is full of helpful content specifically for Chief Information Officers. In fact, it's the only publication exclusively for hospital and health system CIOs.  Articles give voice to the experiences, questions, and first-hand advice from CIOs in the field, and are often either written by CIOs or include interviews with them. Make sure you catch this podcast interview with Kevin Groskruetz, CIO at Hospital Sisters Health System, about leading HSHS through an organizational transformation.

  88. CloudView Blog


    The Cloudview blog is run by Athena Health, with the mission of sharing ideas, insight and analysis that enables physicians, medical groups and health systems to keep up with healthcare issues and best practices, and remain profitable. With content categories ranging from "All Things EMR" to "Analytics and Research," The CloudView Blog covers just but every topic you need to power your practice. All articles are written by Athena Health staff, focusing on their respective expertise. Check out this article on "5 Essentials for Staying Independent" from Dr. Brian Anderson, Senior Manager of Clinical Content.

  89. The Differential


    As most everyone, in healthcare and out, is willing to admit, medical school is hard. The Differential is a blog run by Medscape to give med students a space to voice their experiences and perspectives while looking toward a future in medicine. It's the perfect forum for doctors-in-training to find community support, and for medical educators to get into the minds of their students.

  90. Doximity Blog


    As medicine's top social network, Doximity staff knows what issues doctors are talking about. Get articles on healthcare hot topics, and educate yourself on how social media and medicine can be combined to your benefit. Don't miss out on these helpful tips on improving your online presence.

  91. Sermo Blog


    Like Doximity, Sermo is in the business of giving doctors a space to discuss important issues. Drawing on those conversations, the Sermo blog covers a wide-range of clinical topics, often written by physician contributors. The SERMO blog also regularly publishes physician polls that survey the medical community's opinion on clinical and healthcare issues.

  92. Global Health Hub


    The Global Health hub covers news, commentary, and resources on public health, from a global perspective. The blog is run by a team of smart, passionate volunteers doing important work and research in public health. Articles often discuss their research at length, going beyond the average blog about public health hot topics.

  93. The Incidental Economist


    The authors of the Incidental Economist, who are all researchers and professors in health economics, law, or health services, comment on timely issues in healthcare and discuss reform. Since most authors have a research background, articles are filled with links to the literature and commentary is often supported with research citations. Make sure you read Editor-in-Chief Aaron Call's recent piece, "Alcohol or Marijuana? A Pediatrician Faces a Question,” which was also published with the New York Times.

  94. NIH Director's Blog


    Get commentary on the most interesting new health and science findings from NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins. Start with this recent article about new research on how to prevent severe food allergies and clot removal procedures.

  95. Public Health Matters Blog


    The CDC's Public Health Matters Blog aims to educate the general public about public health issues, and provides updates about the CDC. Don't miss this post on “How Games Can Help us Prepare for Disaster.”

  96. Eye on FDA


    Keep up with the latest updates from the FDA, from the latest approved drugs on the market to the launching of FDA's first mobile app. The blog's run by lawyer Mark Senak of FleishmanHillard's Washington, D.C. office, who consults pharmaceutical companies, so you know you have someone reliable to guide you through the often complex regulatory space of pharmaceuticals.

  97. Reporting on Health Blogs


    Reporting on Health is the blog of USC’s California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowship Program, which gives mid-career journalist the tools they need to report on medical and health issues. Articles are a mixture of thought-provoking stories on healthcare and discussions about health journalism. Stories are often featured on major news channels, like the Washington Post, NPR, Forbes, and more.

  98. Hospital Impact


    An invaluable blog by and for executives and physicians in hospital systems, from the Fierce Marketplace empire. You'll also find a curated list of top news headlines for healthcare execs.

  99. Managed Care Matters


    Written by Joseph Paduda, a principal at Health Strategy Associates, Managed Care Matters covers managed care for group health, health research, policy, workers comp, and other medical news. The articles offer smart editorial coverage of health issues and policy, often supported by research and links to other insightful articles. Check out Paduda's breakdown of California's workers' compensation.

  100. Kaiser Health


    The name speaks for itself — Kaiser Health News is one of the most reputable, reliable sources for healthcare news online. Working alongside the Kaiser Family Foundation, the blog covers everything from aging, to health IT, to healthcare reform.  If you want to keep your subscription list short, make sure you include this one.

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