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eVisit® Names Experienced Startup Exec Deric Frost as COO

Posted by Teresa Iafolla

Under New COO, Telemedicine Startup Well-Positioned for Rapid Scale

“Deric is an impeccable leader with an exceptional ability to develop metrics-driven strategies, and drive companies forward in a meaningful way,” says Bret Larsen, eVisit CEO. “I know from working alongside Deric earlier in my career that he has what it takes to keep our team aligned, and our strategies focused as we scale. Having him onboard is a major win for eVisit.”

Throughout his career, Frost has helped grow a diverse range of startups – from small, family-run businesses to VC funded startups to corporations on the Fortune 500. He has collaborated with former executives from top global brands, and even worked on two Grammy-nominated music albums. A self-described utilitarian startup executive, Frost has proven his capacity to strategically prepare companies to scale fast. Frost is looking forward to applying that experience to eVisit.

“I joined eVisit because I see incredible potential for success here,” says Frost. “The co-founders have done an extraordinary job focusing on the key areas that I believe predict a startup’s success: market opportunity, dedication to build great products, leadership vision, and talent investment. My focus will be to build on those strengths: ensuring that our company is continuously finding ways to run optimally, that we are synergetic between departments, and are positioned well for rapid scale.”

The eVisit team is excited to grow under Frost’s leadership. In less than a year, eVisit has gone from concept to revenue, been named an Arizona Innovation Challenge finalist, and built a team of 17 talented employees.

About eVisit

eVisit is an innovative telehealth software company with the mission of fundamentally simplifying healthcare. The eVisit telemedicine platform allows healthcare providers to connect and treat their patients remotely, through high-res, secure, two-way video chat. Now accessible online and via mobile app.

As a physician-first company, our software is designed by physicians, for physicians. Our telemedicine platform is intuitive, requires minimal training, and is the only solution that facilitates telemedicine reimbursement for providers from third-party payers. With eVisit, physicians optimize patient flow and boost practice revenue, and patients receive high-quality care while at work, home, or on the road, from the doctor that knows them best.

Teresa Iafolla

About Teresa Iafolla

Teresa Iafolla is an expert writer, researcher, and content wrangler who has previously worked as director of content marketing for a telehealth company and associate editor for a healthcare publishing company.

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