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Happy Valentine's Day from eVisit!

Posted by Hattie Hayes

Everyone on the eVisit team works hard to make life easier for doctors, because we love doctors. It's true! So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, we've come up with a few little love notes to physicians, nurses, and health professionals everywhere. Thanks for everything you do.


Dear Physicians,

You give us butterflies

(Well, actually, it's just our stomach muscles contracting,

because you make us giddy and a little nervous,

but you knew that, because you’re doctors).


Dear Nurses,

If anyone should be called “patient,”

it’s you.


Dear Doctors,

You’re worth billing a Z63.1* code.

*ICD-10 speak for "problems in relationship with in-laws!"


Dear Cardiologists,

Don’t worry, that isn’t an arrhythmia.

You just make our hearts skip a beat.


Dear Radiologists,

You don’t need an X-ray

to see how we feel about you.


Dear Orthopedic Surgeons,

You make us weak in the knees.

Luckily, we know just who to go to for that.


Dear Psychiatrists,

Just a little note to say:

You’re always on our minds.


Dear Dermatologists,

Will you be our Valentines?

Think it over first.

Don't make any rash decisions.


Dear Opthamologists,

You're always a sight for sore eyes.


And finally, a short love poem for all the medical professionals out there.

Blood samples are red,

Exam gloves are blue,

We love care providers

And all that they do!


Happy Valentine's Day, and Thank You!

Love Always, Your Friends at eVisit

Hattie Hayes

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