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Infographic: How Much Do Physicians Make?

Posted by Teresa Iafolla

Physician compensation is often in flux and far from transparent. Physician salaries vary widely from state to state and even county to county. Which leads many doctors in the field to wonder - how does my salary compare to the average? How is my compensation affected by where I live?

Physician compensation data is notoriously hard to gather, which is why Doximity's launch of the Career Navigator earlier this year was such exciting news. The Career Navigator offers physicians the first detailed comparison of physician salaries across the US - down to the county level. With data from over 20,000 doctors 48 specialties, the physician compensation trends and averages here represent one of the most comprehensive surveys done yet.

Besides heading over to the Career Navigator to see how your salary compares, we have a few key takeways from the data - summed up in the infographic below. Wondering what specific location factors affect your compensation? Considering a strategic move to increase your salary? Our infographic has some helpful and interesting suggestions for you.

A few of the key highlights were that doctors who lived in areas with high obesity rates made slightly more money. Physicians located in rural areas and less populous states like Nebraska, Kansas, or South Dakota often made significantly more. The average salary difference between a doctor located in a rural area vs. an urban area was about $1500 per year. If you drill down to a more specific specialty and case, the contrast is astounding; an anesthesiologist who moved from Massachusetts to Wisconsin could potentially see his or her salary jump by 61%. This might seem counter-intuitive at first, but likely just highlights the demand for specialists in more remote areas.

With a massive amount of physician salary data that's growing every day, Doximity's Career Navigator is bound to uncover even more fascinating trends among physician compensation in the U.S. Make sure you check it out! And, don't forget to visit Doximity to add your own anonymous physician salary data to the Career Navigator.

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