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TEM Advisory Board at Arizona State University Names eVisit CEO Bret Larsen Chair

Posted by Hattie Hayes

Phoenix, Ariz. - eVisit CEO Bret Larsen was recently named the 2015-2016 Chair for the Technology Entrepreneurship & Management (TEM) Advisory Board at Arizona State University. Larsen will be taking the place of outgoing chair Christie Kerner, who will now serve as co-chair of the Board’s Outreach Committee. Larsen will also head the program’s new Strategic Planning Committee.

“There are incredible things happening in Arizona in the startup community. It’s exciting to see institutions such as Arizona State University and the TEM Program supporting that ,” Larsen said. “As a graduate of Arizona State University, I’m honored and excited to have the opportunity to be involved.”

As Chair of the TEM Advisory Board, Larsen will head a group of 35 entrepreneurs and industry leaders from major organizations such as Google and Starbucks, to help create new programming and position TEM as a top-tier national program. Over the course of the year, Larsen will work closely with industry professionals as well as faculty at ASU.

Richard Filley, Faculty Chair of the TEM Advisory Board, expressed his enthusiasm regarding Larsen’s appointment.

“Bret Larsen is a great fit for this leadership role, given his successes in several startups and his expertise in marketing, branding and strategic planning,” said Filley. “He brings a valuable hands-on, real-world approach to our future planning process.”

Larsen looks forward to contributing his expertise to the board. “I’m thrilled to work with Arizona State University, local innovators and entrepreneurs to help shape the TEM program,” Larsen said. “I look forward to my involvement and association with Arizona State University this coming year and all they are doing to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs here in Arizona through the TEM Program.”

eVisit is an innovative telehealth software company with the mission of fundamentally simplifying healthcare. The eVisit telemedicine platform allows healthcare providers to connect and treat their patients anytime, anywhere via secure video chat. Now accessible online and via mobile app.

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