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The Life of a Physician 2016 [Infographic]

Posted by Chase Larson

What exactly is it like to be a practicing physician in 2016?

From treating patients to handling rising operating costs to adopting new technology sytems, the life of a physician can be one of high stress. As a result, that can often lead to a poor work-life balance — and ultimately burnout — which can prevent capable but overwhelmed doctors from providing quality patient care.

We've collected statistics, gathered survey data and laid out multiple key aspects of what it's like being a doctor — including hobbies, salary, levels of happiness and causes of burnout.

Discover what makes various physicians tick, see the struggles they face and find solutions on how to maintain a delicate balance while juggling the demands of helping patients and trying to run a successful practice.

Check out our breakdown in the infographic below.



Chase Larson

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