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Top 100 Healthcare Blogs: 2016 Edition

Posted by Teresa Iafolla

Last year, we compiled our widely popular list of Top 100 Healthcare Blogs. After delving deep into the healthcare digital content niche, we learned that there's a lot of great healthcare content available, but it's not always the easiest to find.

With this in mind, we built on last year's list and divided it into more categories, to help healthcare professionals find the right blog fit for them. We've included marketing blogs, physician community sites, top healthcare news sites and more. Whether you're a physician at a large hospital, a practice staff member at a small medical practice, or just someone who works in healthcare - there's something on here for you.

We took care to evaluate each and every one of these blogs for unique perspective, design of the site/ease of navigation, frequency of publishing, and above all - quality of content. As a company that's intimately involved in the healthcare content space, we know how difficult it is to produce content for the healthcare field that's informative and engaging - and that could truly make a daily difference to healthcare providers.

To all of the healthcare blogs included here - thank you for all you do! And keep up the good work.

So, drumroll please ... here are our 2016 picks for top 100 healthcare blogs!


The "Brand Name" Blogs

TedMed blog


You already love TED Talks. TEDMED is the independently-owned medical branch, which brings you videos on innovation, new approaches, and inspiring stories from the medical world. The TEDMED blog hosts interviews from speakers and behind-the-scenes encounters with the experts.

The Atlantic Health Blog



It's the crucial, diverse coverage you expect from the Atlantic, with a medical focus. The Atlantic's Health Blog is great for non-experts, too, so recommend it to your patient base!

NPR's Shots Blog



We guess you could say NPR is calling the Shots here! The Shots blog is the best of health coverage from the NPR Science Desk. It's a true journalistic resource on any and all health news, from policy to technology and every intersection therein.

Washington Post To Your Health



The Washington Post's health blog combines hard news with deep analysis. You'll find a lot of tech and policy topics here, and thoughtful readings of the latest research. It's a great blog to link to in your patient portal if your patients are interested in health policy breakdowns and brand-new medical discoveries.

New York Times Health



As you'd expect, the New York Times Health blog covers far-reaching topics with incredible depth. These stories are well-researched, timely and comprehensive, looking at multiple facets of each news update. You'll also come across videos, infographics and frequent interactive features.

Becker's Hospital Review: The Daily Beat Blog



The editors of Becker's Hospital Review bring you the healthcare authority you expect, without so much hard news. Instead, you'll find more personal commentary on health news, and fun physician-focused posts for holidays and other occasions. Our personal favorite: the inspiring healthcare stories in their their "Friday Feel Good" section.

Athena Health's Cloudview Blog


The Cloudview blog is run by AthenaHealth, with the mission of sharing ideas, insight and analysis that enables physicians, medical groups and health systems to keep up with healthcare issues and best practices, and profitable. With content categories ranging from "All Things EMR" to "Analytics and Research," The CloudView Blog covers just but every topic you need to power your practice. All articles are written by AthenaHealth staff, focusing on their respective expertise.


Medscape's "The Differential" blog



As most everyone, in healthcare and out, is willing to admit - medical school is hard. The Differential is a blog run by Medscape to give med students a space to voice their experiences and perspectives while looking toward a future in medicine. It's the perfect forum for doctors-in-training to find community support, and for medical educators to get into the minds of their students.

Kaiser Health News



Kaiser Health News is a top-name, one-stop shop for all your heathcare news needs. Our team at eVisit loves their KHN Morning Briefing section that highlights the top healthcare headline for the day.

The Mayo Clinic's "Center for Innovation" blog



The Mayo Clinic's blog Center for Innovation is one of our team's favorite healthcare blogs. The content focuses on a wide range of physician-relevant topics, often written in an engaging personal style. Check out this creative formula on the secret to value-based care, and how successful healthcare delivery means embracing the connection economy.



We love this mHealth blog! Any news focused on digital health or health IT is here in Mobi Health News. We love using it to research the latest apps, wearables, and relevant mHealth policies. This site updates frequently, too, since the tech sector is always growing!


The Rock Health Blog  


Rock Health highlights, funds and brings together for the most innovative digital health companies. Their blog brings health startups, policy news, and tech analysis together for a comprehensive, well-written take on every topic. Learn more about digital health by subscribing to their blog and signing up for their webinars.




Great news: you're going to have so much free space on your mobile device. That's because the academic physicians at iMedical Apps are testing the many health apps available to physicians and patients, and giving their professional reviews and recommendations. Not all of the 1 million+ health apps on the market are clinical-quality--but these folks will tell you when they are.




Are you looking for regular updates on mHealth policy and data security? mHealth Watch will keep you posted. Check this site every day for in-depth mHealth news and HIT security tips.





Do you pre-order every wearable on the market? Do you keep up with futuristic mHealth gadgets that won't appear at tech conferences for decades? You'll love Medgadget. Subscribe for daily updates on upcoming medical devices--both those in development and available for purchase.

The Happy MD blog



We know that physician burnout can pose an enormous challenge to doctors. At Happy MD, Dr. Dike Drummond uses his experiences as a family practice doctor and business coach to help physicians find satisfaction in their work and stave off stress.

Not Running a Hospital



Paul Levy is not running a hospital. He is, however, a former CEO of a Boston hospital, and he now uses his experiences to pass knowledge on to you! Levy curates stories and topics thoughtfully, and his blog is a great resource for any physician.

Love Medicine Again



The fight against physician burnout has a wonderful advocate in Dr. Starla Fitch. Dr. Fitch's research started when she began struggling with burnout, and her interest grew into expertise. If you've read one of her books on physician burnout, or if you're just looking for a great physician resource, Dr. Fitch's blog can help you reduce stress and love your job again.


Dr. Richard Reece fills his blog with excellent analysis of health policy and medical innovation. Since Dr. Reece is an author and editor as well as a physician, he takes the time to fact-check media outlets' coverage of health issues. With 40 years of health reform writing under his belt, Dr. Reece has a lot of health blogger street cred!

DB's Medical Rants

Dr. Robert Centor, also known as "db" for "Dr. Bob" or "Da Boss," uses this blog to showcase his thoughts on medical procedures, treatments, education and industry issues. He's an educator, too, and a mbmber of Medscape's editorial board. Check out the Medscape Cases section, which posts cases for student discussion (and the solutions, a few days after).

Dr. Kevin Campbell



Dr. Kevin Campbell is a cardiologist who focuses on improving cardiovascular care access. On his blog, you'll find personal anecdotes from Dr. Campbell, along with his ideas on health policy, medical economics, and doctors' tech use.

Dr. Wes: Musings in the life of an internist, cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist



On this blog, Dr. Wes covers a little bit of everything: he shares personal stories from life as an internist, cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiciologist; shares his take on the latest health news; and pens thoughtful editorials on the issues impacting doctors today.

33 Charts



Run by pediatrician and med-tech expert Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, 33 Charts goes in-depth with med tech, focusing on everything digital. And we mean everything--from clinical wearables to patient education via YouTube!

Dr. Pullen



This blog is a great option to share with your patients! Dr. Ed Pullen is an experienced family physician whose perspective on medical news is wonderful for experts and curious novices alike.


Dr. Leslie Greenberg's blog

Dr. Leslie Greenberg's goal is to help patients be excited about understanding their health. A family medicine practitioner, Dr. Greenberg fills her blog with posts on common medical concerns ("How long does the shingles virus stay effective?") and health news that may impact patients (like vaccination laws).

Life as a Healthcare CIO



Dr. John Halamka has some impressive credentials. He's CIO at Beath Israel Deaconness Medical, Co-Chair of the HIT standards committee, and an ER physician who teaches at the Harvard Medical School. Naturally, his blog brings an expert perspective on HIT, hospital management, health policy and living life as a physician.




Bookmark this blog for lunch breaks. ZDoggMD is probably the best medical rapper on the market--and maybe the only one. His parodies are fun and a great medical education resource. For example, The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face" becomes a primer on recognizing stroke symptoms under ZDoggMD's control. His video co-stars are often medical professionals as well!

Retired Doc's Thoughts

Looking for solid clinical advice? Turn to someone who's been around the block a few times. The titular Retired Doc is Dr. James Gaulte, a retired physician who practiced in pulmonary disease and internal medicine. His posts reference his own experiences, as well as recent medical literature, notable articles, and opinions from other healthcare experts.

A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor



The tagline for this blog is "Lessons on the medical training process from somebody with absolutely no artistic talent." We'll agree to disagree--author Freida McFadden is definitely talented, and funny, too. This is a great blog for students in medical school, or anyone who remembers med school.


Glass Hospital

GlassHospital's mission is to "demystify medicine," focusing in on transparency and providing detailed information on the healthcare world. It's run by Dr. John Henning Schumann, a medical educator at the University of Oklahoma and previously a hospital administrator.

A Country Doctor

This blog is a great read from a small-town doctor who's been practicing on the same families for generations. The posts feature "progress notes," highlighting interesting and unusual cases, along with touching stories of being the doctor for such a close-knit community.

Common Sense Family Doctor

Kenny Lin's blog showcases his experiences as a family doctor in Washington, DC. He also discusses the latest medical research, journal articles and reports. His editorials are always a fun and informative read.


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Health Tech Blogs

Total HIPAA Compliance


Don't risk HIPAA breaches! This blog is like data security boot camp. Jason Karn, Director of Training and IT for Total HIPAA Compliance, writes this in-depth look at HIPAA. You'll feel prepared to combat any and all cybersecurity breaches with this fantastic blog on your bookmarks bar.


Electronic Health Reporter



This isn't your typical EHR: it's Electronic Health Reporter, AKA tech journalist Scott Rupp. His blog provides a varied mixture of news, analysis and first-person narratives. This is a great blog for keeping up with tech vendors and healthcare companies who are having a big impact on the industry.

Healthcare IT Leaders



The pros at Healthcare IT Leaders know health tech like no one else. If you're a practice owner who wants to better your tech policy or just a healthcare expert looking for deep HIT analysis, you need to check out this blog.

Health IT Buzz



Run by ONC, the Health IT Buzz Blog is interactive, thorough and extremely helpful for practice managers. You can submit questions and comments to ONC, which is great if you have any questions about new health policies or tech news. Try browsing their content archives for tips on improving your digital health use and strengthening your data security.


American EHR Blog



This blog has a great amount of information on EHR and other health tech. It's a great place to consult if you're changing up your tech workflow. And the contributors--from the former senior VP of the American College of Physicians to the Senior Director of HIMSS--are true experts.

Aging in Place Tech Watch Blog



Senior-focused health tech is taking off. If you work with geriatric patients, Aging in Place Technology Watch is the place to be. Find out about the best eldercare HIT on the market, as get ahold of some great practice management tips.





If you have EHR or EMR questions, pop on over to this blog, run by HIT pro John Lynn, who founded the blog network. EMR and EHR will help you make smart tech decisions with a compendium of whitepapers and how-to guides.

Health IT Plus



This blog touches on every health IT topic, and has a great infographic section as well. Check out this blog for reports on industry trends, or to see stats and figures on health tech usage.

Health 2.0



Health 2.0 offers a peek into the digital health community. Their blog goes behind the scenes of global conferences, tech research and healthcare innovation. hosts a series of global conferences about inovations and tech that are transforming healthcare. Keep your eye on their events list and see if there's one near you!

Fierce Health IT



For anything and everything Healthcare IT, check out Fierce HealthIT. You'll get daily updates on telehealth news, policy updates and in-depth analysis of HIT issues.


Healthcare IT News



HealthcareIT News is brought to you by HIMSS Media, so you know it's the product of expertise. It's all the HIT news fit to print: meaningful use rules, state policy updates, health data analysis tips, and more. It's great for physicians in small practices and larger health systems alike.

The cHealth Blog



What catalysts will move our connected health mission towards its goal even faster? Dr. Joseph Kvedar, VP of Connected Health at Partners Healthcare, uses his blog to talk about patient-centered treatments and tech-driven care. He has some great thoughts on the future of healthcare, and provides deep analysis of how the industry's doing right now.


Core Solutions



The Core Solutions blog offers tips, blog posts, infographics and more for the health IT professional to the CIO. The content is aimed at "tech-driven" healthcare organizations who understand the importance of investing in the right HIT, and want to move that focus forward in their organization.

HIT Consultant



HIT Consultant is exactly what it sounds like: your first stop for health IT questions. HIT management consultant Fred Pennic runs this blog, which has traditional coverage of med devices, health policy, coding and more, as well as a fantastic infographic section.

Healthcare News

The Doctor Weighs In



Although The Doctor Weighs In started as an obsesity-fighting blog, it's since grown to include Dr. Pat Salber's thoughts on many aspects of healthcare. Expert contributors also share their views on clinical topics, practice management, and health policy.


Action for Better Healthcare



A widely-lauded blog, Action for Better Healthcare focuses on active solutions for health professionals. Blog topics include healthcare finance, quality and safety, and population health, all addressed in smart, innovative ways.

Vital Signs



The blog brings you the "pulse" of the healthcare industry--that's why it's called Vital Sign! And it's run by Modern Healthcare, a leader in healthcare business news and research, so you can trust in the team of reporters behind the content.

The Healthcare Leadership Blog



Are you a #HCLDR? That's the hashtag created by this blog and used by an online community of healthcare providers, CEOs, IT professionals and others who are focused on improving healthcare. Follow the blog for context on #hcldr Twitter chats, or just to gain a deeper understanding of intricate, real-world health issues.

The Healthcare Blog



One of the most established blogs on this list, the Healthcare Blog has covered everything-healthcare related in its 13 years of existence. We mean everything: medical economics, digital health, policy reform and more. You can navigate the site's content based on intended audience. So if you're a physician, small practice manager, ACO or patient, you'll have no trouble finding the best news for your interests.

Health Affairs Blog



From the same people who bring you the scholarly journal Health Affairs comes the policy and research blog of your dreams. The Health Affairs blog facilitates conversation around the ideas and studies presented in the journal. Join in on the discussion and leave a comment--chances are, you'll be talking directly to the author. This blog has a huge impact on health research accessibility.

The Healthcare Economist

The creator of this blog, economis Jason Shafrin, brings a level-headed and logical voice to the realm of health writing. You'll find intense disucssions of the latest health news, and plenty of cool theories on the future of technology and policy.

Health System CIO



HealthsystemCIO is the only publication exclusively for hospital and health system CIOs. The posts on this blog lift up the voices of CIOs in the field, from first-hand experiences as well as interviews. You'll find fantastic advice on this blog, and maybe recognize some familiar questions you've asked yourself. Articles give voice to the the experiences, questions, and first-hand advice from CIOs in the field, and are often either written by CIOs or include interviews with them.

Global Health Hub



For the internationally-minded physician, the Global Health hub offers a perfect combination of global health news and commentary on public health. Articles often delve deep into global health research, often going beyond a standard blog post. Read this piece on How Zika rose so quickly to the top of the global health policy agenda. 

Reporting on Health Blogs



The Center for Health Journalism Blog brings a mix of thought-provoking issues in healthcare, with a focus on top-quality journalism. Check out the recent article on “Why we’re losing the battle against obesity.”

Managed Care Matters



As a principal for Health Strategy Associates, Joseph Paduda knows health policy topics inside and out. If you want to keep up with the latest developments in ACA, managed care, workers comp and more, check out his blog Managed Care Matters.

National Center for Policy Analysis: Health Policy Blog

Deciphering health policy is no picnic. The National Center for Policy Analysis blog delivers bite-sized analysis of recent health policy updates and news, to keep you informed about what's happening in the industry.



The Med School Financial Blog blends financial tips and interesting medical lifestyle posts - perfect for a medical student, or a beginning physician. Check out this recent posts on 37 things that define the financially secure doctor.



Doctor Base Blog



Doctor Base is a marketing and patient engagement software for SMB medical practices. The company blog features practice marketing and patient engagement tips written by some of the best tech experts in the industry.

The Go Agency Blog

The Go Agency blog offers a bunch of helpful resources on social media for healthcare, from a social media marketing newsletter, to a Healthcare Marketing book, to a Social Marketing Academy radio show on iTunes. While the other marketing blogs we've listed here are outstanding, it's always helpful to get healthcare specific marketing tips.

Healthcare Success

Healthcare Success is a full-service healthcare marketing and advertising agency with a great blog, publishing several times a week. Check out their free white paper, the 7 Deadly Sins of Healthcare Marketing."

Medical Web Experts Blog

There aren't too many solid healthcare-specific marketing blogs out there, and the Medical Web Experts' blog definitely has a corner on the niche. Check it out to get cutting-edge marketing advice specifically for the medical field. I especially love their recent post on small medical practice website mistakes and how to avoid them.

Healthcare Communication News

Healthcare Communications News blog has a mix of content on everything from helpful marketing and PR tips, to health news, to resources on how to effectively communicate with your staff and patients. It can be a great reference for the small practice manager all the way up to the HR or communications department of a hospital system.

TMR Direct

If your practice is more into the traditional direct mail marketing campaigns, check out the TMR Direct blog for regular tips. Check out their ebook, The Best Direct Mail Practices.


Marketo is a brand name in marketing. Their blog is simply divided into key marketing categories like social media, content marketing, email marketing to help you find the resources you need for your own strategy.

The Moz Blog

The Moz blog is another top marketing blog, and could be a helpful resource for any medical marketing team. While many of the topics are probably out-of-range for small medical practices, larger practices or health systems can get an arsenal of content, digital marketing, and SEO tips all in one place.

Content Marketing Institute

Thinking about starting a blog or email newsletter for your practice? We've already written on why content marketing can be a key strategy for physicians. The Content Marketing Institute can help you put that strategy into practice. Check out this helpful article as you build an e-newsletter for your practice.

Hootsuite Blog

Managing social media can be tough, especially if you're a busy provider or practice manager. That's where the Hootsuite social media blog comes in. The blog has simple how-to posts to help you build a social media presence at your pace. Check out this great article on 11 smart ways to promote your Youtube channel.



The Kissmetrics blog is a top marketing resource, and one that our eVisit marketing team keeps bookmarked. Some of the topics might get a little too technical for the non-marketer, but there are plenty of helpful posts and guides for beginners too. Check out the beginner's Facebook guide if you're trying to get started with social media.

Smart Bug Media

For the ambitious provider or medical marketing staff, Smart Bug Media's blog publishes almost daily posts on digital marketing strategies — all broken down into simple steps and clear takeaways.


Physician Community

Kevin MD



If you like, you'll love Kevin's Take. Dr. Kevin Pho's personal blog takes a deep look at the issues facing physicians today. Read his blog to gain a new perspective on doctors' issues, and to find solutions for common issues in your own practice.

Mothers in Medicine

If you're a parent and a physician, this blog will speak to you. Written by a group of physician-mothers, this blog uses personal stories to deliver brilliant strategies for staying on top of patient care and childcare.

Doximity Blog



Doximity is a social networking site specifically for physicians. Doximity’s blog delivers helpful, interesting pieces on the physician lifestyle ( and how to leverage social networking to expand your reputation (

Sermo Blog



As one of the top social networking sites for doctors, Sermo is an online gathering place for physicians to ask for advice, get medical questions answered, and find support. The Sermo blog, gives a taste of what the social network has to offer - thoughtful posts from practicing physicians on a range of topics relevant to the medical community. Check out this interesting post about using music in medicine.

AFP Community Blog

Are you a family physician looking for advice from your fellow providers? The AFP community blog features family physicians sharing relevant research to help you be a better doctor and improve the patient experience.

Disruptive Women in Healthcare

The Disruptive Women in Healthcare blog offers a refreshing stream of innovative ideas and voices in healthcare. Now in its seventh year, the blog is one of our favorites in health policy and contributors ranging from former Members of Congress to healthcare thought leaders.


Practice Management

Hospital Impact



If you’re a healthcare exec or a physician in a hospital system, check out the Hospital Impact blog. Part of the Fierce Marketplace content empire, Hospital Impact brings reliable, good-quality, and relevant news headlines to healthcare providers in larger health systems.

Practice Notes



From the minds behind Physicians Practice, one of our favorite practice management resources, Practice Notes brings physician expertise to the blogosphere. Clinicians, consultants and healthcare experts bring their experiences to the blog, giving you tried and trusted strategies to use in your own practice. Practice Notes hosts various physician surveys, too, so you can contribute your own knowledge to the blog!

Getting Paid



You may know Kareo from weekly Twitter chats, or from their status as a leading provider of software solutions for small medical practices. The Getting Paid blog is exactly what it sounds like: strategies to increase revenues by reworking practice management and billing systems. Kareo also hosts regular webinars that bring expert voices to your computer screen--sign up for their next one today!

Medical Economics



Medical Economics combines healthcare news reporting with strategies and action plans healthcare providers. Whether you're part of a small practice or a hospital system, Medical Economics addresses the challenges physicians face today--and how to fix them.

Medical Practice Insider



Medical Practice Insider brings together an all-star cast of doctors and experts in tech and healthcare to write about the latest issues in healthcare. The blog also has many free, interesting whitepapers.

Capterra Medical Software Blog



The Capterra team knows what software solutions will fit your practice needs. If you're a provider looking for practice management tips, physician-focused tech articles and software reviews, check out Capterra's blog and find the right products for your tech needs.

ICD-10 Watch Blog

It seems like just yesterday we were eagerly awaiting ICD-10! Now that it's in full effect, make sure to bookmark ICD10 watch. The blog has helpful articles, headlines, resources and codes, and is one easy website to answer any of your ICD-10 questions.

MGMA In Practice Blog

MGMA covers everything you could need to run a smart, successful practice. Their blog, In Practice, has education, research, and practice management resources from MGMA members with real-world experience. It's a must-read from a team of experts!

Getting Paid



This blog focuses in on coding and reimbursement, and hosts a wide variety of content for physicians and professionals in family medicine. Brought to you in partnership by the AAFP and Family Practice Management Journal, the blog site also hosts a Family Practice Management Toolbox that's worth bookmarking.

Practice Management Blog



The team at Practice Suite know what it takes to keep practice revenues on an upward climb. Their blog will provide you with billing tips and profitability best practices, and their site also has webinars, videos, and other revenue resources. These folks know their stuff--they're an RCM software company!

Fierce Practice Management



You probably spend a lot of time on FierceMarkets websites. This practice management blog has the news, analysis and trends you've come to expect from Fierce, accented by expert tips and strategies that are applicable in your own medical practice.

Nue MD Blog



Doctors and health tech specialists bring you HIT-focused practice management tips, including reimbursement FAQs and infographics. They have a great series of HIPAA-focused data security posts, as well!

Nextech Blog



Shaping your office's tech policy? Want to know which EMR will be the best fit for your practice? Check out the Nextech blog, which covers practice management, ICD-10, health information security, and more.

Medical Billing & Coding



Capture Billing will answer all your billing and coding questions. A great resource for doctors, managers, and medical billers and coderss alike, CEO Manny Oliverez writes all the blog posts, and he has the expertise for it: Oliverez teaches medical billing classes at community colleges and is a longtime practice manager.

CureMD Blog



On the Practice Smarter blog from CureMD, you'll find advice on metrics, HIT policy, healthcare news and more. Their webinars, ebooks, whitepapers and articles are a great resource regardless of your practice size.

Saving Private Practice



One of the more clever blog titles out there, Saving Private Practice is brought to you by Advance MD. Their content may have a humorous side, but the writers are serious about improving your practice workflow, increasing revenues and optimizing your med tech.


As a company with decades of experience in revenue cycle management, the Med Converge blog dives deep into topics like medical billing and coding. Learn how to do Medicare revalidation the right way, with this MedConverge post.

Engaging Patients has a blog with a unique focus - offering providers real solutions and practical strategies for communicating patients and getting them engaged in their care. The blog features posts from top experts across the healthcare field, all focused in bringing their perspective to improving patient care.



HHS Blog



You might be surprised at how personable and engaging the Department of Health and Human Services blog is. This blog features lots of narratives from patients and experts, paired with research analysis and policy updates. It's a great place to check on new healthcare regulations, but you'll also enjoy the personal stories of patients and professionals. Did you know there's a Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force? Read about it on the HHS blog:

NIH Director's Blog



With all the fascinating research going on at the NIH, there’s plenty of material for an engaging blog. The NIH Director’s blog offers Dr. Francis Collins’ commentary on the most interesting, cutting-edge discoveries in science research. Perfect for the healthcare provider who wants to keep up with the latest research. You can read about new stem cell treatment for diabetes here.

Public Health Matters Blog



Didn’t know the CDC had a blog? If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out! The CDC Public Health Matters blog focuses on educating the public about common health issues and preparedness. While the blog is mostly aimed at a professional audience, they do have posts aimed at the general public as well. Check out “6 Apps for Healthier Travels,” a great post to share with your travel-happy patients if you’re a provider!

Eye on FDA



Eye on the FDA is the brainchild of Mark Senak, a lawyer and consultant to pharmaceutical companies. As an insider to the pharma industry and a policy expert, Senak covers the ins-and-outs of new FDA regulations and news.


Last, But Not Least...

The eVisit Blog



We aren't just being vain — promise! Our blog features infographics, regular policy updates, practice management tips and data security information. We feature some of the industry's most talented minds as guest bloggers, and let you hear from our physician leaders, too. The eVisit team is proud of the blog we've created, and hope it has a solid spot on your reading list. Subscribe below, if you haven't already!


Congratulations to all our friends and colleagues who made the list! More importantly, thank you. By contributing to the healthcare dialogue, you make the world a better place for physicians, patients, and everyone connected to the field. We appreciate you.


So which healthcare blog is YOUR favorite? We'd love to know. Tell us in the comments!

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