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ATA 2020 Takeaways and Wrap-Up from eVisit

eVisit Staff

Written by eVisit Staff

Thanks for joining us at the ATA2020 Annual Conference last week. Whether we virtually saw you in our booth, in a 1:1 meeting, or together attending the vast range of sessions, one huge takeaway for us is that the ATA delivered on its hashtag — #GoTelehealth — with powerful content to propel telehealth forward. Telehealth is certainly on the move and here to stay!  

If you weren’t able to attend or were only able to hit a few sessions across the five-day virtual conference, you’ll be pleased to learn that the ATA is keeping its conference content online and on-demand for 12 months for conference registrants. Thank you ATA!

We were fortunate to attend many sessions and so we have curated summary details and quotes as key takeaways from this event to share.  

  • A Healthtech Technology Showcase. We saw a wide-ranging showcase of the latest technologies enabling hospitals and health systems to tackle today’s needs and to move into the next phase of telehealth. We learned about Chatbots and frontline communications (and the importance of easy-to-use APIs), remote monitoring devices, Artificial Intelligence aiding patient diagnoses, and virtual care platforms such as eVisit!  All these technologies are aimed at improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, boosting revenues and improving efficiencies.

  • Diversity is Key.  A defining point to the success of all healthcare technology is that it must be built with inclusivity in mind. New technologies must be developed to embrace and engage all patients regardless of gender, ethnicity, income, age, technological literacy and more.

  • ATA Federal Support.  We can all agree that a silver lining in the pandemic has been the Federal government lifting regulations that enabled the acceleration of telehealth — healthcare was reimagined nearly overnight! The ATA has launched a campaign to ensure certain telehealth waivers remain permanent, and in mid June, just before the conference, the ATA president testified at a senate hearing.  

  • Buzz-Worthy Quotes. Throughout the week, we  heard many compelling quotes that really piqued our interest. We couldn’t agree more with these sentiments and wanted to share:
    • “Let’s meet patients where they are… at HOME!”
    • “The financial crisis [of 2008] launched the Gig Economy, the pandemic is launching Telehealth.”
    • “Telehealth is the return of the house call.”
    • “[Technology in healthcare is] not about B2B or B2C…it’s about H2H [human-to-human].”
    • “Technology partners are now an official part of the healthcare ecosystem.”
    • “Pick a technology partner for the long haul.”
    • “Things are moving at the speed of COVID-19.”

Of course, the eVisit team is here to help you keep pace!

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Published: July 1, 2020