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Eight Reasons Video Conference Products Don't Provide Enterprise Virtual Care

Scott Berghoff

Written by Scott Berghoff

Video conference products provide a way to talk with friends, family, and conduct a business meeting, but they’re not designed to handle the demand of a hospital or healthcare system. These products do not provide you with an efficient way to schedule and manage your patients, send prescriptions, or create detailed reports. They will create fragmentation across service lines as different departments choose different short term solutions making billing, reconciliation and tracking reimbursement difficult. 

The best answer is a true virtual care platform like eVisit that provides the enterprise healthcare capabilities you need to build and grow your virtual care strategy. There are many vital features that video-conferencing products do not have like: 

1. Robust Patient Scheduling

Because of the recent pandemic, the increased volume of patients using virtual care is incredible. Hospitals and health systems are seeing patients using virtual care like never before and efficient scheduling is critical. With the eVisit Virtual Care platform, your schedulers and patients can schedule appointments ahead of time. Patients can also schedule a ‘See Now’ visit with available providers.. This allows you to manage your provider demand and personnel resources more effectively.

2. Healthcare Waiting Room Management 

The downfall of a generic virtual waiting room is it’s designed to simply be a holding area when people call in, and most video products require you and your patients to download extra plug-ins, add-ons, or extensions in order to work. eVisit acts like your brick and mortar waiting room⏤without any extra downloads. You will be able to analyze your current patient load, monitor which patients are waiting for specific providers, route them efficiently to the right provider or by issue urgency--all in a HIPAA compliant, secure, and private virtual waiting room. This healthcare workflow is critical for hospitals and health systems.

3. Provider Specific Tools
Video conferencing products have their place in the private and business sectors, but a healthcare organization needs robust provider tools like the ability to chart, write and send prescriptions, provide discharge notes to patients, and schedule follow-up appointments.  eVisit connects with thousands of pharmacies across the country, and has hundreds of the most prescribed medications and their doses already preloaded so providers can write and send prescriptions from within the platform. They can chart notes, schedule follow up appointments, and produce automated discharge notes, just as if they were seeing the patient in the office.

4. Effective Payment Management
While some video-conferencing products allow you to take payments, many do not. Those that do require you to set up and maintain that integration internally. This makes the reimbursement and payment process fragmented, which makes it easier to make mistakes. The eVisit Virtual Care platform saves, pre authorizes, and processes credit card payments securely—it even provides a method for your providers to waive a fee if needed. 

5. Enterprise Analytics and Reporting 
The only way your organization can improve is by knowing what it’s doing well and what it needs to improve upon, and that means accurate reporting data. eVisit has enterprise analytics and reporting capabilities that hospitals and health system leaders, like you, use day-in and day-out to drive business decisions. Default reports include financial info about each visit, patient demographics and visit data which includes wait times, duration, survey feedback and much more. Other default reports included are patients with incomplete enrollment, patients with no visits, and cancelled visits data. There are custom reports available too, depending on what data you need to make the best decisions possible.

6. Clinical Workflows 
Video conferencing software offers little to accommodate your clinical workflows. It may have its own built-in workflow, but that means you have to work around it to accomplish what you want. eVisit has over 150 points of configuration that allow you to incorporate your current workflows into our platform, not the other way around. Using someone else’s workflow will duplicate work, create inefficiencies and unnecessary workarounds, and decrease productivity.

7. EMR Integration
One of the most important tools your providers use every day is your EMR. And more than likely you didn’t just pick one from a Google search. You chose it because it was the best fit for your organization. Video conferencing software available today may integrate with a single EMR⏤what if it’s not yours? Some won’t integrate with any. eVisit  integrates with over 50 EMRs through HL7 standards. There is no need to re-enter patient data at a later time.

8. Government-Grade Security 
There have been recent reports of video-conferencing software being hacked and accounts being posting on the dark web. Hackers are exploiting the inherent weakness in these platforms, and sadly, hackers are taking advantage of these vulnerabilities during this tumultuous time. eVisit’s state-of-the-art security is a dual-encrypted design that provides you and your patients with peace of mind, knowing data is safe.

Convenience For Convenience Sake Isn’t The Answer

Today healthcare delivery demands a fast response to the needs of patients and the fight against the spread of COVID-19. You need a solution you can implement and start using quickly. But that’s not all, it needs to be scalable to support your entire enterprise and your virtual care strategy. This is why eVisit developed eVisit QuickStartTM , a simplified version of the eVisit Virtual Care platform—you’ll reduce revenue loss by delivering the same quality care to your patients virtually. Move your in-person visits to virtual visits, safely provide virtual urgent care services to your patients in their homes, and scale your virtual care strategy with a quick solution for today, and a robust solution for tomorrow.

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Published: April 21, 2020