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Best Practices for Telemedicine Deployment & Management [White Paper]

Posted by Chase Larson, May 9, 2017


Telemedicine has gained rapid and widespread acceptance as an important tool in helping healthcare organizations and medical professionals to better serve the medical needs of patients. This approach of using technology in a flexible, efficient way to meet and consult with patients fits beautifully into today’s value-based care and compensation healthcare model.

But committing to telemedicine adoption is just the first step: Solutions must be meticulously planned, expertly implemented and efficiently managed to provide the maximum benefit to practitioners and patients alike. Fortunately, more and more success stories in telemedicine solutions deployment have yielded an important set of best practices that serve as a roadmap for positive outcomes.

Our guide offers valuable insights into best practices for telemedicine deployment and management. Learn the specific steps that should be taken in planning, deploying and managing telemedicine solutions, with an eye toward long-term success and benefits that enhance the overall healthcare delivery workflow.


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Chase Larson

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