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eVisit July 2022 Release

eVisit Product Team

Written by eVisit Product Team

We’re excited to share with you the upcoming July 2022 release! In this release we are looking forward to delivering the impactful new Waiting Room. We also have a wealth of patient experience improvements and additional video quality improvements.

See these and other new features made to assist you in simplifying healthcare delivery to everyone everywhere!

eVisit will release the following features on July 14th, 2022:

Waiting Room Management A redesign of the eVisit waiting room built to focus clinical users on the most relevant patients and designed to facilitate a more efficient clinical workflow from scheduled to being seen.

Patient Visit History Differentiation The visit history page allows patients to access important information about completed visits. In our new update, we will be adding appointment details to each visit and grouping visits by year so that patients can more easily identify the past visit they are looking for.

The below changes are exciting improvements that require no configuration or enablement but that we want to make sure you’re aware of:  

Adaptive Simulcast Video  Throughout a visit, the quality of the video experience depends on both the sender's and all of the receiver's network capacity. This means one participant with a bad network connection can degrade the video experience of all the other participants. Adaptive simulcast helps improve this by routing video of different qualities to each participant based on their available network capacity instead of the network capacity of the participant with the most restrictive network conditions.

Scheduled Visit Notifications Trigger  Notifications to patients informing them that their scheduled visit is ready to join will be sent 15 min prior to their appointment. Also the notification informing the patient that they are late for their visit will be send 1 min after their appointment time (if the patient hasn’t already joined the visit).

Login Link Available for all SMS Notifications  All SMS notifications can now be configured to include the link to login. By providing this link in SMS notifications it can reduce barriers to getting to the visit. Please contact your CSM or eVisit support for assistance configuring this feature.

Removal of the Extraneous “Create an Account” Page  A page has been removed from the workflow where clinical users schedule on behalf of new patients. This page displayed to patients and added an additional step and therefore time to the patient's journey yet provided no real value. 

Display visit wait times on mobile for patients  Estimated wait times (which were already displayed to patients on desktop) are now also displayed to patients on mobile web and mobile native.

Estimated Visit Duration For Patients  An estimated duration now displays to patients as they select their visit type so they can better understand how long their visit might occur once they connect with the provider.

Visit Confirmation Experience Improvements  Clarity and consistency has been added to the visit confirmation page as it relates to the different visit flows the patient may encounter by editing the page header/title, CTAs and modals on this page.

Ability to remove access to the native app from the Unsupported Browsers Page For customers who don’t want patients to access the eVisit native app, a configuration is now available to remove the native app content on the Unsupported Browser page.

Patient Preferred Language  In addition to the way we identify a user's language from the browser or device, a new field has been added to the Personal Information page that will allow patients to select their language if a clinical user hasn't already done so or in the event, the patient is using a shared device.

Published: June 17, 2022