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eVisit May 2022 Release

eVisit Product Team

Written by eVisit Product Team

We have several exciting new features to share with you in this release! We’ve really focused on clinical workflows and especially visit video experience. Also, tremendous improvements to the user’s experience and expanded browser support. 

See these and other new features made to assist you in simplifying healthcare delivery to everyone everywhere!

We will release the following features on May 19th, 2022:

Scheduling Block Increments  Scheduling Block Increments will allow customers to set static scheduling increments which will display in the Scheduling Tools for available visit times, such as on the hour or on the quarter-hour.

Video Lobby (Mobile Web)  Our new video lobby feature provides physicians, patients and attendees the ability to check their video and audio before joining a visit on the mobile web application.

Network Failure Message  A message that will appear in-visit informing a user when a network issue is detected and that eVisit is automatically attempting to reconnect to the visit.

Adaptive Video Quality  When a user’s network bandwidth is reduced, they will be notified and the video quality will automatically adjust to compensate. This includes disabling video temporarily to preserve audio connections.

The below changes are exciting improvements that require no configuration or enablement but that we want to make sure you’re aware of:  

iPad Support  Native app and browser support for eVisit on iPads in both landscape and portrait mode.

Call Tree Escalating Policies  This feature provides greater flexibility in defining escalation levels with the Call Tree feature. 

Visit Dashboard Columns  Improvements to the column headers in the Visits admin dashboard to reflect more accurate data, such as when a scheduled visit was created, when a scheduled visit is scheduled for, adding a Visit Type column, and updated sorting logic to visits in the Visits dashboard.

eRx details in the Visit Summary  The Prescriptions section of the Visit Summary will be expanded to include the following fields:

    • Name
    • Strength
    • Frequency
    • Dose
    • Unit
    • Duration
    • Dispense
    • Refills
    • Directions to Patients
Published: April 25, 2022