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eVisit November 2022 Release

eVisit Product Team

Written by eVisit Product Team

We’re excited to share with you the upcoming November 2022 release, which further simplifies healthcare delivery to everyone everywhere! 

This is one of the largest and most impactful releases in eVisit history! We have a wealth of changes coming that will increase clinical efficiency, open new use-cases, improve the patient experience and more. 

We’re also thrilled to begin inviting customers to two new betas beginning in this release. These betas (Express Room & The Virtual Clinic) are transformational products that change the way eVisit delivers value to you and your patients. If you are interested in the below betas please contact your customer success representative or the eVisit support team. Note, that beta features are not enabled in a practice unless you request it.

eVisit will release the following features on November 3rd, 2022:

Provider Quick Entry Visit Notifications  We’ve created a notification for providers to inform them when patients have joined a quick entry visit and when a quick entry visit has been created on their behalf. 

Patient Self-Scheduled Page Swap  This project optimizes the patient self-schedule flow by placing the provider availability page immediately after the “Select a Provider” page. 

Universal Linking  Universal links are a standard mobile feature that make it so that if a user has an eVisit native app already installed on their device, eVisit will use the installed app rather than the mobile web version of eVisit.

User Set Patient Status  Users can change the patient status from “Arrived” to “Ready” with a single-click from the waiting room. 

Express Room BETA  The Express Room workflow is the first step in our journey towards replacing the ExpressVisit product workflow with a new video experience that offers the same benefits as ExpressVisits and fits more seamlessly into the overall eVisit product. Contact your CSM if you’re interested in learning more and joining the beta.

The Virtual Clinic BETA  The next evolution from the “Waiting Room Management'' feature is eVisit’s “Virtual Clinic.” The Virtual Clinic reflects the need for a waiting room balancing, better usability, and greater personalization. This is accomplished through a new table layout, with customized sorting and improved menus & actions. Contact your CSM if you’re interested in learning more and joining the beta.

Visit Escalation for Scheduled Visits  The functionality of Visit Escalations which was previously only applicable to On Demand visits will now be used for scheduled visits as well. 

Multi Practice Availability View  Calendars for providers who are assigned to two or more practices will have an “All Practices” button which will display availability blocks for each practice without the need of switching between practices. This feature is being delayed, contact your customer success representative for more information.

"Create a Patient" Demographics  Allows clinical users to include demographic details such as gender, address, etc when using “Create a Patient.” 

All Day Calendar Blocks  All day calendar blocks allow a clinical user to be set as available and/or schedulable for an entire day with one click. This feature is being delayed, contact your customer success representative for more information.

Reduce Time On Select a Pharmacy Page  The Select a Pharmacy page is intended to collect a patient’s preferred pharmacy and is information that is required in order for a provider to prescribe medication via ePrescribe. Design improvements have been added to make the patient’s experience on this page fast and easy. 

Insurance Verification  The eVisit Verification Tool collects patients’ insurance information and determines whether or not their insurance is valid.

Early Visit Workflow, Copy Links w. Attendees, and Share Visit Links w. Patients  Users can now click any white space over a patient row to expand the patient side panel. The ellipsis button on a patient visit expands a new sub-menu with highly accessible, commonly used call-to-actions including “Copy Visit Links” and “Resend Visit Links to Patients”.

The below changes are exciting improvements that require no configuration or enablement but that we want to make sure you’re aware of:  

Time Zone Adjustment  All US time zones (including US territories) that are listed in the drop-down of the Time Zone field have been modified to reflect the Time Zone abbreviation, name, and associated city rather than GMT + its associated offset and country name.

Scheduled Tab - Remove & Cancel Expired Visits  When an invitation link expires, eVisit automatically cancels and removes the visit from the waiting room scheduled tab. 

Native app support for Quick Entry Visits  If a patient already has the mobile app installed, Quick Entry Visits will be able to open using the native mobile app.

Published: October 7, 2022