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eVisit September 2022 Release

eVisit Product Team

Written by eVisit Product Team

We’re excited to share with you the upcoming September 2022 release, which further simplifies healthcare delivery to everyone everywhere! In this release we’re excited to improve the patient experience by changing when we ask for geolocation which will increase patient throughput and help them get to their visit quickly & easily. We also have the first of even more features for "connected accounts” (i.e., parent and child or other legal guardianship accounts) to improve eVisit’s pediatric workflows.

eVisit will release the following features on September 8th, 2022:

Geolocation Rearrangement  This improvement will move the geolocation page so that it appears only in visit flows when the patient’s location information is necessary.

Connected Accounts - Display guardian info to clinical user  Clinical users will now be able to access contact information for guardians while viewing a dependent in the virtual clinic and visit sidebar. 

Connected Accounts - Shared child accounts for integrated customers  When an account is integrated and an external patient ID is provided, child accounts can now be linked to multiple guardian accounts. 

The below changes are exciting improvements that require no configuration or enablement but that we want to make sure you’re aware of:  

Video lobby patient status in waiting room  The “lobby” patient status is being added to the waiting room to identify that a patient is currently on the video lobby page.

Unsupported Browser Verbiage Update  Patients were finding it difficult to figure out how to navigate to the appropriate place once they access a supported browser. With this feedback we adjusted the verbiage on this page in hopes this is more clear.

Voicemail detector  Our voice notifications were getting cut off due to voicemail greetings but now the entire voice notification will be recorded in the voicemail.

Video lobby loading placeholders until the page is completely loaded  Adds a loading placeholder to the mobile web video lobby page to improve the experience.

Refresh video lobby page when permission error banner is clicked  The page will refresh if the user clicks the error banner. This will allow the user to re-allow camera and microphone permissions, both key elements for a successful video visit. 

Patient Online/Offline Indicator Improvements  We've improved the virtual clinic's patient online/offline indicator by introducing consistent online and offline behavior across device types and viewports.

Published: August 12, 2022