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[Free Webinar] Telehealth: It’s More than Just Video Conferencing

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According to a May 29, 2020 McKinsey Report, many providers, health systems and independent practices are reporting anywhere from 50x to as much as a 175x increase in telehealth visits compared to pre-COVID numbers. You may be among the many hospital and health system leaders who rushed to implement telehealth technology to meet pandemic demands. Now, many organizations find themselves with two-way video products meant for web conferencing, not medical exams and clinical workflows. While video-only solutions may have appeared an affordable, quick-fix solution at the time, they are proving to be more costly and cumbersome, with extra steps that require more labor hours, and even additional staff.

This webinar will include featured speaker, Lisa Stofko, Telehealth Manager at CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange County, Calif., sharing the organization’s experience with two-way video, their recent learnings and their list of key virtual care requirements that are crucial to drive patient outcomes and hospital goals. Webinar participants will learn why CHOC Children’s is only considering telehealth platforms that go beyond two-way video, along with key learnings and best practices.

Participants will also hear from Bret Larsen, co-founder and CEO of eVisit, where he is leading the team in its vision to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere. Together with his team, Bret has worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and boost revenue by delivering faster, more accessible virtual care.  

If you jumped to a video-only telehealth solution and are likely learning that you need more, this webinar is a must-attend, and is designed just for you.  Register for Webinar.


Join this webinar featuring Lisa Stofko, Telehealth Manager at CHOC Children’s Hospital, and Bret Larsen,
co-founder and CEO of eVisit, with key learnings, tips and best practices for organizations to meet their telehealth goals. 

Aug. 11, 10 – 11 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) 
Presentation and Q&A


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