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Does Telemedicine Make Sense for Your Practice?

Teresa Iafolla

Written by Teresa Iafolla

Intrigued by telemedicine, but not sure if it's a good decision for your practice?

We came up with 7 quick questions to help you assess if telemedicine might be a right fit for your practice. While telemedicine has a much wider range of benefits than just what we've captured here, these are some of the common issues we see telemedicine address for healthcare providers.

  1. Do no-shows, late arrivals or last-minute cancellations impact your practice workflow and revenue?

    Telemedicine can reduce your cancellations and missed appointments by fitting conveniently into patients' lives. A patient is less likely to be a no-show when they can do the visit in their own home. That way, you can still conduct the visit and be reimbursed. Read more about telemedicine and no-shows here.

  2. Do you have patients with chronic conditions?

    Chronic care patients can especially benefit from telemedicine. Think of how much easier it is for them to do those quick check-ins and follow-up appointments via virtual visit, or use telemedicine to refill a prescription. Plus, you can quickly check-in with them on a more frequent schedule to make sure they’re taking their medications properly, and spot any red flags before they become major issues.

    And with new Medicare rules, it's easier to be reimbursed for telemedicine chronic care than ever before.

  3. Do you spend uncompensated time on after-hours calls or consults?

    It's simple: telemedicine allows you to bill for off-hours care. Turn undocumented after-hours phone calls into patients into on-demand virtual visits. Using a telehealth platform for these after-hours visits lets you document the visit and then bill.

    Your time is valuable and you deserve compensation for your work.

  4. Are you looking to grow your practice, enhance revenue, and attract new patients?

    Telemedicine can boost your practice revenue in several key ways, as we've explained before. Plus, more patients are looking for convenient care and are willing to switch doctors to get it. That means beyond directly bringing in more revenue from existing patients,telemedicine can be a marketing strategy for attracting new patients. 

    Want to see your projected teleMEDICINE revenue right now? Try out our teleMEDICINE ROI calculator.

  5. Are you part of a health system that needs to reduce hospital readmissions?

    Studies have shown that telemedicine can drastically cut down on hospital readmissions rates. You can cut down on hospital readmissions and increase population health as a whole by implementing intelligent, impactful solutions into your network's healthcare model.

  6. Are some of your patients located in a rural or remote area, or do you consult with physicians in remote areas?

    You already know how important it is to give patients control of their own health. For patients who live in rural areas, that's especially important. Rural patients need better healthcare access, all-around. And even now, we're still falling short in getting rural patients the care they need.

  7. Are you losing patients to urgent care clinics, retail clinics or the emergency room for minor conditions?

    If you're competing with urgent care or retail clinics, telemedicine is your best strategy for winning out in the convenience department. Keep revenue in your practice and strengthen your relationship with your patient base through telemedicine.

What to find out more about telehealth? Leave us a comment or contact us now, and we'll do our best to show you how telehealth could benefit your practice.

Published: May 16, 2016