Slideshare: 7 Apps to Improve Medication Compliance

Hattie Hayes

Written by Hattie Hayes

Our recent post on the 5 medication adherence apps was so popular, we decided to do a second edition based on top user reviews, and put together this Slideshare with screenshots from each app. If you're hoping to improve your patients' medication compliance, all of these apps are worth looking into.

If you want an even more in-depth review of each app, check out, a blog with physician reviews of popular mhealth apps.

Want to download these apps or find out more? Just use the links we've provided below.

  1. Medisafe

  2. Pillboxie 

  3. Dosecast

  4. Rxmind me Prescription

  5. Medi-Prompt

  6. PillReminder

  7. MedHelper

Published: April 2, 2015