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ATA19 Provided a lot of Great Information and Opportunity!

Scott Berghoff

Written by Scott Berghoff

Our team spent an amazing three days at the ATA19 Conference in New Orleans April 14-16, 2019. Members of the eVisit team attended sessions, met attendees, and came away with an even better understanding of the telemedicine wants and needs of the enterprise healthcare market.

Telehealth Is Currently Positioned To

  • Lower no-show rates
  • Improve critical care growth
  • Improve rural healthcare expansion
  • Remove barriers to providing care

Challenges Needing Solutions

Our leadership team met with many healthcare executives from organizations around the country. They discussed the current state of telemedicine within their organizations, the problems they needed solutions for, and how eVisit provides the ideal solution to those problems.

Bret Larsen, eVisit’s CEO was very busy during his time in New Orleans. He heard over and over again the need for a single telehealth solution to consolidate fragmented telehealth departmental platforms, overuse of the Emergency Department as a primary care clinic, the need to keep current and attract new patients within their networks, and a way to provide in-house telehealth for their employees.

Bret feels confident that, “eVisit is the only solution they need to solve these problems. One of the most discussed pain-points was the need to bring an organization into a single, enterprise-level platform that matches the workflows they already have in place. Many departments within these systems, the ED, behavioral health, pre-op and post op, have their own telehealth system in place, but they are often from different vendors. There is no interoperability or continuity between departments. This severely limits the total potential telehealth ROI and creates gaps and more work overall.”

Jarreth Meikel, one of our Telehealth Consultants put it all together when he said, “eVisit is a non-competitive, multi-specialty platform designed to create an all-encompassing solution to offer your patients telehealth.”

Quotes Overheard On The Floor

“Telemedicine is used as a tool to augment impressions and observations. Telehealth physicians are not taking on risk, they are mitigating risk.”

“It’s obvious telemedicine is here to stay, and the evidence that enterprise-sized organizations will benefit from a custom patient engagement platform is overwhelming.”

“There are three main integration steps [with telehealth]: 20% is understanding the outcome, 30% is the roadmap, and the remaining 50% is managing change.”

“The specialties of dental, behavioral, public health, urgent care, emergency/trauma care and transportation are evolving to the point where telemedicine would create the ideal high-performance rural health system enabling collaborative relationships between the community of physicians.”

Next Steps

We are so excited that ATA20 will be in Phoenix, Arizona ⏤ our own backyard! We are already working on that conference so it’s even more valuable for attendees. If you did not have a chance to see what eVisit can do for your organization, or want more information we encourage you to reach out and schedule a  demo with one of our Enterprise Account Experts.

Published: April 23, 2019