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eVisit Joins American Telemedicine Association

Teresa Iafolla

Written by Teresa Iafolla

eVisit is now a registered Startup Member of the American Telemedicine Association, the world’s largest membership association for the health technology industry. With around 9,300 members, the ATA community includes clinicians, engineers, researchers, government specialists, and entrepreneurs, all dedicated to developing telemedicine. eVisit is one of only 22 startup members listed on the website, and in the ATA buyer’s guide - the largest web directory for telemedicine solutions.

"We’re thrilled about joining the American Telemedicine Association, and looking forward to contributing to the growth and sustainability of the burgeoning US telemedicine industry," said eVisit CEO Bret Larsen.

As an ATA member, eVisit will take on a greater role in shaping the future of telehealth technology, by collaborating with mHealth experts, accessing consultation and support from ATA staff, and voicing patients’ and physicians’ needs to policymakers through association initiatives. By joining the American Telemedicine Association, eVisit has reinforced the company’s commitment to leadership in telehealth, and is proud to support the ATA’s vision statement: “Telemedicine will be fully integrated into healthcare systems to improve quality, access, equity and affordability of healthcare throughout the world.”

About eVisit:

eVisit is an innovative telehealth software company with the mission of fundamentally simplifying healthcare. The eVisit telemedicine platform allows healthcare providers to connect and treat their patients remotely, through high-res, secure, two-way video chat. Now accessible online and via mobile app.
As a physician-first company, our software is designed by physicians, for physicians. Our telemedicine platform is intuitive, requires minimal training, and is the only solution that facilitates telemedicine reimbursement for providers from third party payers. With eVisit, physicians optimize patient flow and boost practice revenue, and patients receive high-quality care while at work, home, or on the road, from the doctor that knows them best.

About the ATA:

“ATA is a mission-driven, non-profit organization. The driving force behind ATA’s activities is the safe and equitable deployment of telemedicine. While ATA shall strive to maintain a vibrant and growing organization, achieving the mission also requires freely sharing expertise and building coalitions with other organizations such as medical societies and professional and trade associations.” -ATA Values

Published: July 14, 2015