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Quiz: Is Telemedicine Right for My Practice?

Teresa Iafolla

Written by Teresa Iafolla

Telemedicine quiz

There's no doubt about it. Telemedicine is picking up speed. In a recent survey by Software Advice, 75% of patients said they'd be interested in doing a telemedicine visit in lieu of an in-person visit. About 84% of healthcare executives said they felt that the development of telemedicine services is either important or very important to their organizations.

This isn't a surprise. Telemedicine can bring a wide range of benefits to healthcare providers, patients, and our whole healthcare industry. For physicians, adding telemedicine can mean opening up a new revenue stream and improving your practice's bottom line. Plus, your patient satisfaction levels are likely to shoot through the roof.

So is telemedicine right for your practice? What if you're a small, three-provider practice? What if you have a patient population that's not especially tech-savvy? What if you're excited about the technology but just not sure if telemedicine will bring you an ROI?

Take our Quiz: Is Telemedicine Right for Your Practice? and get answers to those questions. Find out if telemedicine could be the right strategy for your medical practice.

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Published: February 10, 2016