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New Weekly Insights Report Helps Healthcare Leaders Stay Up-to-Date

eVisit Staff

Written by eVisit Staff

We all feel it. The healthcare industry is moving at nanosecond speed with important improvements and changes happening every day. So, The Virtual Care Blog editorial team decided to launch a quick-reading, super-helpful weekly insights report that wades through the many recent telehealth and virtual care stories from analyst reports to media outlets, to major influencers and more!  

Our aim is to share the top 3-5 nuggets each week.  Check back to this blog weekly  to get this summary update. 

With that, here is the inaugural edition below. 

mHealthIntelligence reported that young adults are showing a new interest in telehealth eye care access, according to a vision wellness study conducted by Versant Health that suggests virtual care may increase patient engagement. Why is this important? Virtual specialty care is taking off! As more specialties discover new and exciting ways to engage with their patients through telemedicine, this helps embed virtual care. All it takes is a single positive experience for a patient to seek out more telehealth options.

A Case Study reported by Health Exec showcased the benefits of telemonitoring patients. As provider organizations are looking to expand telehealth and virtual care, we all can learn a lot from the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. This organization increased its staff from four physicians to almost 300; one nurse to 70; one program manager to 17 nurse practitioners, as virtual visits climbed from 40 active patients in one day to almost 1,500, leveling out at 300. See the complimentary full case study here

Telehealth and Medicine Today posted a nine-page white paper report: Predictions for Telehealth in 2021: We Cannot Wait for It! The report features 17 healthcare leaders and their predictions with the majority of their forecasts centered on the continued advancement of technology to improve the access, speed, efficiency, and quality of telehealth services for all. These futurists see a world of virtual care powered by remote device integration to increase the capture of important data, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) to make a distant visit seem closer, and by incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help with efficiency and quality in so many ways. 

eVisit shares a similar vision! See our CTO and on-staff futurist, Miles Romney’s recent keynote address at the 6th National Telehealth Summit and his 2050 vision including a short video

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Published: February 24, 2021