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COVID-19 Success Stories with eVisit

Posted by Leslie Becker

“Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.”

-Mike Tyson

What did heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson mean when he said that? Well, much like your organization, Tyson and his contemporaries spend decades fine-tuning their ability to forecast and then gracefully handle every possible situation that could arise. Also like your organization, a boxer experiences unforeseen circumstances that require decisiveness and haste, and some punches to the face come as a surprise, no matter how prepared you may feel.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has dealt a major blow to the healthcare industry, and somehow your organization must maintain its revenue stream and keep patients on the schedules of your providers. Network-wide adoption of a telehealth solution has proven to be a strong tactic for providers of specialty, primary, and chronic healthcare in the midst of the outbreak. Regardless of specialty, network size, or even duration of patronage, these three eVisit customers are finding a great deal of success with the platform.

Clarkston Medical Group provides uninterrupted care
Clarkston Medical Group in Michigan has about 30 providers and operates two physical offices. They started using virtual care in 2017 as a way to follow up with patients, then scaled by identifying additional opportunities to use the platform to provide care. Thanks to their well-established telehealth plan, they were able to quickly ramp up virtual primary and urgent care clinics, and later offer 24/7 availability amidst the pandemic. Their patients’ demand for care from the safety of their own homes led to a 330% increase in business through virtual care.

MomDoc’s virtual care started as the pandemic hit their patients
MomDoc is an OB/GYN specialty group of over 60 providers in Arizona caring for women throughout every stage of life. Fortuitously, they began using virtual care in March 2020, and had only one week to roll out their telehealth services before COVID-19 impacted their geographical location and patient base. The following week, as local business began to shutter and many individuals stayed home as much as they could, the network was poised to proactively prevent cancellations. MomDoc continues to provide care by moving all non-acute appointments to their telehealth platform. They have seen massive success, virtually treating more than 200 patients each week.

What’s your plan when you get hit with the unexpected?
As the healthcare industry and the wider world change and adapt to the novel coronavirus pandemic, consider your network’s plans and tactical implementation. Even as states start to “reopen,” you need a plan to safely deliver urgent care services to patients in their homes without the concern of spreading the virus. An enterprise virtual care platform that allows you to scale your plan is just what you’re looking for. Your network can seamlessly bounce back from unwelcome surprises with the durable, scalable solution provided by eVisit.

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