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The Real Story Behind eVisit's Customer-focused Telehealth Solution

Written by Krista Pappas

As eVisit’s Director of Customer Success, I often get asked what my title truly means. What does customer success mean for a telemedicine company like eVisit? How do we ensure our physician customers take our software and achieve their goals – whether that’s better patient care or a more profitable practice?

These are fair questions – ones that my team and I are constantly working to answer in the best ways we can. But I think the core of our answer always comes down to one thing – Customer Love.

I’ve worked at other companies where Customer Success feels like a buzzword – a phrase easily thrown around and not delivered in a concrete way to our clients. But at eVisit, it’s different. As a self-labeled “physician-first company,” every member of our team strives to embody the company’s core values – and above all, our value of Customer Love.

Customer Love drives everything our Customer Success team does. It’s the core value that we remind ourselves of every morning, as we discuss which healthcare providers and practices we’ll be working with that day, and what we need to accomplish to better serve them.

As the Director of Customer Success, I feel it’s critical to establish accountability with this value from the top-down. Everyone from the executive level on down has to be aligned to fulfill eVisit’s vision of simplifying the healthcare experience for providers and patients around the world. And though we’re always working to improve, I feel we’ve achieved this. How aligned our entire team  is on this approach is what sets us apart as a physician-first company. It’s what has helped us grow rapidly, while delivering an unparalleled customer service program in the telehealth space.

But saying we love our customers and telling you we’re a customer-focused company is one thing. Let me dive in a little deeper and give you some of the key insights that show how we’re the top physician-first telehealth company on the market.

Know Your Customer

It might seem obvious, but the most important part of being a customer-focused company is knowing your customer. Simply put, you can’t help your customers be successful if you don’t understand the challenges and pains they face in their everyday processes.

At eVisit, we know the physician experience like the back of our hands. Two members of our executive team are practicing doctors with over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Chief Medical Office Dr. Scott Orava and Co-Founder and President Dr. Glen McCracken have helped guide the development of our telehealth software and our customer success program.  They ensure we’re always approaching things from the provider’s perspective.

Another big reason we understand the healthcare provider mindset so well is because of our amazing partner program. Our Director of Partner Programs has created an incredible partner ecosystem, with relationships across the healthcare space – including EHR vendors, medical practice management consultants, and Medical Device manufacturers, just to name a few. Not only has this network allowed us to expand our range of services with referrals, it’s expanded our insights into what providers across many different specialties need and want from their telehealth software.

Do Something With That Knowledge!

At eVisit, we identified our biggest customer challenge early on - many providers did not have enough time or resources to implement a complete telehealth program on their own.

With this knowledge, we focused our efforts on designing the ideal onboarding program to help our providers understand the best telehealth workflow for their practice, learn how our software can support that workflow, and then market their new telehealth services to their patients. This consultative process has become absolutely essential to our customers’ success with eVisit, and one of our key differentiators in the telehealth space.

The Customer's Success is Our Success

Many companies in the health tech space start out focused on Customer Love, only to lose focus when things get tough. At eVisit, our executive team holds all departments accountable to “our one metric that matters” - successful evisits. In other words, our entire company works together on making sure our customers are on-boarded, successfully using our telehealth platform, and completely happy!

If You’re Not Listening, You’re Not Learning

Again, it seems like an obvious approach, but so many companies fall short on this one! We know the best way for our customer success team to learn about how we can better serve our customers is by simply listening to them.

Throughout our customer on-boarding process, we’ve created listening posts to keep a pulse on how our providers are doing, and help out if they need extra support. We take providers’ survey feedback, analyze it, and funnel that information to product, sales, and CS to continually tweak and innovate our customer experience.

We also empower our employees to communicate any customer challenges and ideas to our leadership team. We want to make sure that we’re not only listening to our customers, but we’re communicating their needs and issues to our entire eVisit team.

I may be a little biased here, but I think eVisit is a truly unique company in the telehealth space because of how focused our team is on ensuring our physician customers are successful. Our co-founders started the company with the philosophy that making better tech tools for physicians would ultimately lead to better patient care. And this physician-first mentality infuses everything we do.

Published: June 13, 2016