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7 Websites Practice Managers Need to Bookmark

Hattie Hayes

Written by Hattie Hayes

A great website is like a great book: it's powerful and well-written, but it also leaves you with an important message. Favorite websites, the ones we go back to over and over, are beloved for a reason. Maybe they host a community that can give smart input on tough issues, or maybe the number of dedicated experts on the site is just unbeatable. Practice managers have a diverse range of responsibilities and needs, so it's important to have a wide variety of websites to turn to for inspiration, advice, or just a quick lunch break read.

These are some of the best websites for practice managers to rely on, whether you're looking for how-to videos, billing tips or form templates.  Keep them in your bookmarks bar--you'll go back to them again and again.


Digital Magazine: Physicians Practice

Beautiful and functional, the Physicians Practice digital magazine would be a great addition to any coffee table, but it also amazes in the virtual form. The magazine is rife with tips you'd find on the Physician's Practice website, as well as in-depth pieces on everything from avoiding embezzlement to establishing new metrics for analyzing payers. The digital version of the magazine also has convenient features, like a search bar, article "clipping" tools, and a pop-up list of all links in the publication. It's a killer resource for practice managers and a great read.


Billing and Revenue Guide: Kareo's Getting Paid Blog

Did anyone ever tell you that assessing your medical billing situation could be a pleasant, almost enjoyable, process? Kareo's Getting Paid blog makes revenue management look like a dream. Creative and innovative, this website finds little ways to make any practice more efficient, and there's a guide or helpful hint for any situation your staff may encounter. The writers at Kareo know running a practice is easier when you're excited about it, and the content on the Getting Paid blog reflects that mindset. Charts, infographics, and free webinars will keep you on the blog for hours, and you may not even realize how much you've learned until you put it to use--and you inevitably will.


Forum: Doc2Doc

Internet chat forums may seem out-of-date to some. However, forums are one of the best ways to connect with other physicians without the networking pressure of LinkedIn or the spam that Facebook sometimes brings. The Doc2Doc Forum is active with forums in every topic, from healthcare quality and safety to legal issues, as well as practice-specific boards. The community is hosted by BMJ, so the forums also have convenient access to new research articles and expert opinions. Forums are a great place to solve complex practice problems, ask for patient portal advice, or compare notes on new healthcare policies. If you haven't logged on to an online discussion board since The X-Files went off the air, it may be time to give them another try.


Videos: Practice Management Daily

You may already use videos in your practice for patient education. But when's the last time you sat down and watched a video on your lunch break that wasn't about baby animals? Over at Practice Management Daily, you'll find well-made instructional videos all focused on common practice management issues related to risk and malpractice. Just check out this one on how to properly document phone calls in your EMR.

In particular, the website's RiskETips section offers great advice on data security, which is becoming more crucial than ever. The website just wrapped up its four-part series on prescription drug abuse, presented by the Cooperative of American Physicians. The series helps physicians understand how to "protect their patients and themselves in these situations — while always doing the right thing medically, legally, and ethically." The series' in-depth content is a good example of what the site has to offer.


Software Reviews: Capterra 

Picking your practice management software isn't the most important decision you'll ever make, but sometimes, it does feel like choosing a program will make or break your practice. If you're due for an upgrade, unhappy with your current software, or just getting your practice off the ground, head to Capterra to begin your informed shopping trip. Capterra boasts reviews on almost 250 different software programs. You can search by what features you need, whether you'd like a cloud-based or installed program, and what program is right for your practice size. That's just the practice management software: Capterra is also where you can find reviews on EMR systems, billing programs, hospital management databases, and many more software brands.


ICD-10 Guide: Road to 10

One of the most exhaustive guides to ICD-10 readiness, Road to 10 is a huge resource for small practices. The website is carefully curated and meticulously organized, with specialty reference guides, webcasts, medical case studies, and an events guide, not to mention the ubiquitous ICD-10 countdown clock. The site even has a guide to develop your own action plan, specific to practice size, technology use and current level of ICD-10 readiness. The quicker you prepare for ICD-10, the sooner you'll be able to use new codes efficiently and reduce errors in implementation.


Checklist and Form Templates: RTCPA

With a stellar list of forms, spreadsheets, and step-by-step guides, the website of Reed Tinsley, CPA can make any practice manager's life a little easier. The website offers free downloads to benefit new practices and seasoned vets. Have you had trouble tracking payer negotiations? Straighten out your discussion notes and track contacts with an Excel sheet. Or, have you grown dissatisfied with your patient satisfaction surveys? Refresh your metrics with a downloadable survey form. For every conceivable practice situation, from hiring contractors to participating in a merger, there's a checklist or a template to show you how.

What websites do you rely on in your practice? Let us know in the comments!

Published: July 1, 2015