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eVisit 2.0: A Game Changer for Virtual Care

Jacob Boddeker

Written by Jacob Boddeker

At eVisit we believe that the solution to increasing access to high quality care lies in giving better tools to our incredibly dedicated, and skilled healthcare providers. Efficient healthcare delivery is what eVisit is all about—in fact our vision is to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere. From day one we have strived to make our platform clean, beautiful, and easy to use, and every day since we ask each other, “How can we make eVisit better?”.  That’s the question we started with for eVisit 2.0. 

eVisit 2.0 is the next version of the eVisit Virtual Care Platform. It’s highly configurable and incredibly simple to use. It brings an all new experience that makes virtual care faster, easier, and more engaging for providers and patients. With eVisit 2.0 you’re going to find:

  • Multiparty Visits: Bring additional users into an eVisit. If you need a translator, family member, or another provider to join a visit they can do so simply and efficiently. You’ll be able to bring up to 8 additional users.

  • Advanced Configuration: With the addition of Visit Types, you can tailor your virtual care workflow based on your unique needs. For example, each specialty service line can have a unique workflow, different intake questions, and a different discharge process. 

  • Beautiful patient and provider web views: All new patient and provider web views improve usability and give greater access to patient information.

  • Improved Provider Efficiency: Providers can start charting, write prescriptions, check a patient’s status, and review their visit history, all before starting the visit.

  • Scheduling Optimization: An updated scheduling page provides more insight into provider schedules as well as access to their patients’ upcoming visits beyond the upcoming week.

eVisit 2.0 represents the culmination of intense design, work, and testing. We are excited to provide you and your patients with this experience in May. If you would like to see a quick video of eVisit 2.0 in action, click here.

Published: April 27, 2020