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eVisit Joins World Mental Health Day with Behavioral Virtual Care Update

New ExpressVisits Enable One-Click Virtual Visit, Makes Patient Care More Accessible

FASTMD Harnesses eVisit for Spine and Sports Injury Virtual Urgent Care

eVisit Enables Pioneering Move in OB-GYN Specialty: Ob Hospitalist Group’s Ob TeleCare

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[Free Webinar] Telehealth: It’s More than Just Video Conferencing

COVID-19 Success Stories with eVisit

ATA 2020 Takeaways and Wrap-Up from eVisit

7 vital questions to ask when choosing a virtual care platform

4 Reasons Telehealth is Critical to Your COVID-19 Plan

eVisit 2.0: A Game Changer for Virtual Care

Eight Reasons Video Conference Products Don't Provide Enterprise Virtual Care

8 Ways The CARES Act Will Help Improve Telehealth Expansion & Access

Four ways enterprise virtual care benefits the ET3 payment model

Three reasons why you should change your multipoint virtual care to a single-point solution.


4 Ways Hospitals Can Prepare for COVID-19 Using Virtual Care

4 Ways Virtual Care Reduces Healthcare Costs

How Employee Virtual Care Lowers Your Healthcare Costs

Decrease 30-day readmissions by proactively managing newly discharged patients with virtual care.

Multi-Year Strategic Partnership with Banner Health, eVisit, and VeeMed Improves Healthcare Access

Increase behavioral health access and convenience with virtual care

Increase new and retained patient revenue and reduce avoidable ED visits with Virtual Care

4 Reasons Why Your EMR Is Not Enough To Deliver Virtual Care

You Need A Virtual Care Advocate

Have you heard of the ET3 (Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport) Model?

4 Ways Health Systems Can Optimize Their Telehealth Platform

3 Steps to Evolve Your Community Hospital Virtual Care Strategy

Top 45 Healthcare Blogs for 2019

4 Steps to Accelerate the Growth of Your Urgent Care Practice

Have You Unlocked Your Digital Front Door? Here Are 3 Keys!

5 Things Every Hospital Executive Should Know About Scaling Virtual Care

Guest Blog: The Importance of Negotiating your Payer Contracts for Reimbursement and Telemedicine Coverage

Customer Success is NOT Customer Service. Learn why you need a World-Class Customer Success team behind your SaaS investment.

ATA19 Provided a lot of Great Information and Opportunity!

Baby Boomers Are Driving the Adoption of Telemedicine

Telemedicine Is Ready For A Disaster.  Is Your Healthcare Organization?

Four Ways Telemedicine Can help Reduce Readmission Rates

Three Challenges You Will Face With Telemedicine

Why It Is Vital to Improve Access to Behavioral Health and How Telemedicine Can DO It.

Strengthening Your Hospital Brand with a Co-Branded Telemedicine Platform.

Millennials, Urgent Care Clinics & Telemedicine: A Match Made In Heaven

Telemedicine: An Ideal Solution for Native Americans with Diabetes

Telemedicine Front and Center at the AHA Rural Leadership Conference.

“Now we can contact any specialist in Kazakhstan any time – and save more lives.”

eVisit - See How We Simplify Healthcare Delivery to Everyone, Everywhere

Telehealth vs Conventional Medical Treatment: How Telemedicine Improves the Patient Experience and Lowers Patient Costs.

Discharged Patients From The Hospital- Telemedicine Can Assist With Their Treatment

Three Ways Telemedicine Reduces Costs

Improving Outcomes-Telemedicine Can Help

Three Ways Telemedicine Helps With The Treatment Of Influenza

Telemedicine in the Hospital Setting-More Than You Think!

Four Ways Telemedicine is Changing the Healthcare Paradigm

Why It's Time to Embrace Telemedicine

What has Telemedicine done for You Lately?

Improving Health outcomes with Telemedicine

Op-Ed: Why Using eVisit will Strengthen Personal Relationships with your Patients

Set your Organization Apart: How Virtual Care Attracts and Delights your Market

Setting You on the Road to Success with Telemedicine

Changes to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements in 2019

How To Increase The ROI of Your Healthcare Organization

6 Telemedicine Facts You Might Find Hard To Believe

4 Ways Telemedicine Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

3 Reasons Why Hospitals Should Adopt Telemedicine

The State of Telemedicine 2018

Bridging the Shortage Gap in Mental Health: Help More People in Need While Growing Your Business

Expand the Reach of Your Urgent Care With Telemedicine

3 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience in Mental Health

eVisit Continues To Experience Rapid Growth As It Secures $2 Million In Funding

How To Successfully Adopt Telemedicine Into Your Practice [White Paper]

Definitive Guide To Purchasing a Telemedicine Platform [White Paper]

What is MACRA? What is MIPS? A physician's guide to the upcoming changes

Infographic: How to Reduce Patient Wait Times

2017 Telemedicine Reimbursement - What You Need to Know

8 Ways to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Mitigating Risk in Telemedicine: Taming Compliance, Security and Governance Challenges [White Paper]

Best Practices for Telemedicine Deployment & Management [White Paper]

Telemedicine In a Mobility-Centric Healthcare Ecosystem [White Paper]

4 Ways Telemedicine Enhances the Emergency Department Experience [White Paper]

Determining the ROI of Telehealth: 5 Tips To Make Sure Your Investment Pays Off

Empowering Patients and Providers With a Streamlined Telemedicine Strategy [FREE WEBINAR]

6 Telemedicine Success Stories

What Does the New Administration Mean for the Future of Telehealth?

eVisit Adds James Windrow as Vice President of Marketing

6 Ways to Help Your New Telemedicine Program Take Off

5 Healthcare Specialties Leading the Way In Telemedicine

Can Telemedicine Really Increase my Practice Revenue?

eVisit Names Jerrod Kuerth as Chief Experience Officer

What Industry Experts Are Saying About Telehealth

Think Your Patients Aren't Asking for Telemedicine? Think again.

Why Now Is the Time To Invest In Telemedicine

eVisit Drives Stellar Growth in 2016

4 Types of Telemedicine Providers

HIPAA Compliance Checklist for the Modern Physician

10 Online Tools Every Physician Should Be Using

Why Provider Success Depends On Connecting With the Patient

Telemedicine Legal Issues You Should Know About

Why 2017 Is the Year to Adopt Telemedicine

6 Ways to Improve Your Medical Practice Profitability

Top Telehealth Tips for Pediatricians

6 Secrets For Marketing To Millennial Patients

7 Tips for Teletherapy Success in Your Mental Health Practice

What A Telemedicine Integration Should Be

4 Ways Telehealth Leads to Higher Patient Satisfaction Levels

How to Get a Prescription Without going to a Doctor

eVisit Becomes First Telemedicine Solution to Fully Integrate with AthenaHealth EHR

The Evolution of Telemedicine In Rural Areas

Is Telemedicine Changing the Way Physicians Do Business?

7 Signs You Should Invest In Telemedicine

The Future of Telemedicine: 5 Surprising Growth Statistics

Tough Call: Can Doctors Use Skype to Conduct Patient Visits?

How Telemedicine Is Changing Mental Health

7 Entertaining & Educational Videos for Your Pediatric Patients

7 Signs Your Medical Practice Website Needs Help


5 Ways To Cut Operating Costs for Practice Managers

Why We Should Use Telemedicine for Follow-Up Care

How To Do Telemedicine On An Affordable Budget

Which Billing Codes To Use for Telemedicine

Can't Miss Events At MedX 2016

Suspended Search: Why Google Can't Find Your Practice

Top Health Tech for Seniors

What the Rise of the Patient-Consumer Means for the Future of Telemedicine

5 Top Telehealth Technical FAQs for Patients

The Life of a Physician 2016 [Infographic]

Why You Can't Collect: The 8 Worst Patient Payment Mistakes

4 Ways To Use mHealth Without Busting Your Budget

How To Train Your Staff On Telehealth

4 Common Telehealth Mistakes

How To Decide Whether Or Not To Drop a Payer

5 Tips For Talking To Patients Before Weight Loss Surgery

6 Reasons Why Your Practice Is Losing Money

Physician First: Why Healthcare Technology Should Be Provider Driven

Is There a Difference Between Telehealth and Telemedicine?

5 Tips To Achieve Your Patient-Centered Medical Home

5 Reasons Hospitals Are Adopting Telemedicine

6 Reasons Physicians Don't Use Telemedicine

6 (More) Life Hacks for Doctors

How To Design the Perfect Medical Practice Website [Infographic]

Top 20 Mobile Health Tools

You Don’t Own Your Brand, Your Patients Do

How To Start a Blog: A Physician's Guide

8 Vacation Tips for Physicians

7 Steps To Educating Patients About Telehealth

How Much Should You Spend On Telehealth?

The Economics That Run Your Practice [Infographic]

How Much Should You Spend on an EMR?

20 Stats: How Do Patients Feel About Telehealth?

How to Verify Patient Insurance for Telehealth

3 Innovative Rural Healthcare Tech Tools

67 Surprising Telemedicine Facts You Should Know

5 Reasons Why You Need a Medical Interpreter

How to Secure Mobile Devices in Your Medical Practice (BYOD)

The Real Story Behind eVisit's Customer-focused Telehealth Solution

Does Medicaid Reimburse for Telehealth in My State?

How to Become a Telehealth Consultant

3 Key Ways Marketing is Changing in Healthcare

5 Ways to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

Infographic: Patient Experience of Telehealth

Mobile Medical Devices for Your Telehealth Program

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Telehealth Solution

Top 30 Ways to Market Your Medical Practice

Is Your Medical Practice Hitting These Billing Benchmarks?

11 Top Patient Questions about Telehealth

22 Eye-Opening Mental Healthcare Stats

Does Telemedicine Make Sense for Your Practice?

What are the basic technical requirements for telehealth?

4 Simple Steps to Increase Your Patient Referrals

Why Telehealth is Key to the Patient Medical Home

25 Creative Ways to Increase Patient Engagement

4 Healthcare Kickstarters You Should Check Out

How to Hire the Right Practice Manager

Top Tips from Every Kid Healthy Week

Why Use Telehealth at School?

Research Review: Does Telehealth Really Save on Costs?

Direct Mail Marketing 101 for Medical Practices

Top 100 Healthcare Blogs: 2016 Edition

How to Select an IT Company for Your Medical Practice

Lifehacks for Medical Students

Free Webinar: How to Create Your Telehealth Strategy

7 Ways Telehealth Improves Revenue for Physicians

32 Fascinating Mobile Health Stats

7 Easy Steps to Create Your Medical Practice Website

14 Creative Ways to Reduce Patient Cancellations

How Does Telehealth Really Affect Hospital Readmissions?

7 Tax Tips for Physicians

6 HIPAA Questions to Ask Your Health Tech Vendor

Will Your Patients Actually Use Telemedicine? The Stats Say Yes

Infographic: 29 Ways To Increase Practice Revenue

What You Should Know About Telehealth Insurance Waivers

How to Choose the Right Telehealth Vendor for Your Practice

The Case for Telemedicine and Pediatrics

7 Mobile Marketing Tips to Expand Your Medical Practice

4 Most Common Medical Billing Mistakes

How to Keep Physician Morale Up

5 Top Nutrition Resources to Share with Patients

Study Shows 51% of Physicians Using Telehealth to Compete

Top Weight-Loss Apps for Your Patients

How Telemedicine Improves Burn Care

10 Signs You're Breaking HIPAA

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